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Change of agreement mid year

Change of agreement mid year           reply
01/02/2016 13:32 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Offaly)
I´ve been minding 2 brothers after school 3 days per week since school term in Sept. We agreed that they would only pay when the boys were with me. But now I have been getting last minute texts,the mornings they are due to my house,to say that they won´t be there. They are due at 7.30 and I get a text most times at 7.45 am. Is this fair? What way should I approach this? Also can I change conditions, get paid if they are there or not? I also have no notice if they won´t come the following week until my day finishing -I finished Thurs evening after school with the children and to the parent said goodbye to me. Her boy had to remind her that they were going away the following school week and wouldnt need me to work. I just feel this is very unfair. A bit of notice would be fine. They´ve also forgot to pay me on 3 occasions and I´ve had to call them to remind them. This again was awful for me to ask for my wages. I shouldn´t have to remind them. I gice breakfaat,drive themto school,collect and give sandwich etc. Its 4 hours a day in total and roughly 3 days every week @€8 per hour total.Any suggestions greatly appreciated. ..

re : Change of agreement mid year           reply
01/02/2016 17:53 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I suppose my first point is youv left yourself wide open to abuse. It´s a case of if one act like a doormat one´ll be walked on unfortunately, especially in childminding.
Personally I would never change things mid contact and it´s not fair to parents as I´m sure they´re trilled with what youv agreed to.
The options are simple really...keep going...give up for some reason other than the real reason as word of mouth can ruin a childminder....discuss with them and see if agree a more fair situation and say youv had another parent looking for childcare ad hoc and so you need set in stone what days they coming etc so their places kept, draw up a proper contact detailing how things are to work etc. (I know a little lie but your situation is terrible).
Late payment I would not tolerate...however if case parent genuinely forgot, child off on last day, I didn´t have it and arranged with me thats fine. A good way if consistently late is let them arrange a payment into your bank.
As for texting 15mins after you were supposed to start...pure disrespect. General rule of thumb if you booked in you just need value your service, set your rates (not wages) and stick to them.

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