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Childcare costs - Leixlip

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30/04/2012 20:28 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thanks so much for that, I have gotten a few PMs with similar figures it is great to get the information from all the people who use this site, it is a great resource

Childcare costs - Leixlip           reply
26/04/2012 23:54 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Kildare)
I am looking for any advice regarding how much I should pay my childminder for 3 children aged 6,4, and 2 years old. I live in Leixlip Kildare, I was paying her a flat rate of EUR100 per day (she does 2 days per week 9-5) she walks ds1 one to school then has him from 2-5, I drop ds2 to montessori she has him from 12 -5 and she has dd from 9-5.

I had been paying her 100 per day and the same amount during school hols as I felt it was a more than fair price, I never changed the amount when ds2 started montessori, she now wants to be paid extra for school holidays.

I suggested that to work it out at an hourly rate of EUR5 per child would be the fairest way, but this has caused upset, it would mean that she earns EUR120 per day during school hols but just EUR82.50 during term time.

Since offering her that I have looked at my earnings and budgets etc and I don´t think I can even afford that, the USC and increases on PRSI & Tax on our earning have left us earning 800 less each month, Alot of people are saying between EUR70-90 is average for 3 kids. Is this the NORM?

Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated. I really need to sort this out with her ASAP. Or find someone new

re : Childcare costs - Leixlip           reply
30/04/2012 13:03 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I mind three children, the circumstances are much the same as yours. I charge 5 euro an hour for the first child (that is the child that is with me most during the day), 3 euro an hour for the second child, and 1 euro an hour for the last child. This includes snacks and dinner. This seems to be the norm as I and the childrens mother looked into cost before I started minding them. 60 euro per day during school time seems much more reasonable and you could work out what that would cost for school holidays. Hope this helps.

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