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Cost of Childminding

Cost of Childminding           reply
31/05/2012 12:01 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some advice on what to charge for childminding three siblings after school. I will have to pick the youngest up at 1.30, the other two will walk to my house at 2.30 and I will mind them till approx. 6.00pm, all snacks, meals and homework supervision provided. The children´s mother is coming up to meet with me tomorrow so I don´t have much time to research rates. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

re : Cost of Childminding           reply
01/06/2012 00:03 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I think I would look at charging €5 per hour per child, then 10% discount for siblings: 11.5 x 5 = €57.50, take away 10% €5.75 = €51.75.
This is central Dublin; outside of Dublin the going rate tends to be a little less.

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