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ECCE question

ECCE question           reply
04/09/2017 16:21 - Dublin South Childminders

I have a brilliant childminder for my two kids, aged almost 3 and 6. She loves them like her own and they are very safe and happy in her home. The youngest is due to start his ECCE year in January and I was looking forward to making some much needed savings on the childcare bill. In a recent chat with our minder she advised me childminders continue to be paid for having your child while they are in pre-school. It came a quite a shock. We have always done the morning school drop with the older child, and will continue to do so with both, so I will effectively pay the minder 3hrs a day for not having him until he is collected at 12. I am just wondering if this is normal practice, or if anyone has had experience negotiating new minding arrangements... I am dreadful when it comes to talking money... I would rather not uproot them from where they are but I am just not rich enough to be pay out €200 a month for no reason. Thanks in advance!

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04/09/2017 17:16 - Dublin South Childminders
I am a male carer and as far as I am concerned I would not expect to be paid for something I haven´t done.

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04/09/2017 17:42 - Dublin South Childminders
I would only expect to be paid for hours worked. Especially if she´s not dropping to school in the morning. But then your minder is going to have an income drop of €200 a month. I know lots of minder don´t reduce fees for preschool just for primary especially if the minder is on call for sickness etc. Hope this helps.

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05/09/2017 11:34 - Dublin South Childminders
Thanks for that. I totally understand it´s a drop in income for our minder. I was just curious to find out if the approach was standard.

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