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Extra 6th year for my child - what do you think?

Extra 6th year for my child - what do you think?           reply
31/08/2010 14:21 - Special Needs / Tutors Required (Locality: Laois)
Can I get advice from readers on the following: my 11 year old daughter has an exceptional high IQ and has been in primary school unfortunate with the class she is in. A lot of teasing back and forth has made the class very divided and with lots of rows. She has had some tough years, but consistent great results and I am very proud of how she has handled it all. She is, though very youngish in her behaviour. Her older brother, who is now at 16 doing his leaving cert had similar experience and with hinsight we might have helped him mature a bit by giving him an extra 6th class. We are now considering this for our daughter, but are afraid this might give her the wrong message as she is very smart. Also, she is in a country school and this small community has not supported her much so far, so staying another year might be fuel for more conflict. A 6th year in another school is what we are thinking or, some sort of extra year, maybe outside the education system, somewhere that anybody knows is available for 11 year olds? She will be 12 in May.

Any ideas, advice?

With thanks, Petra

re : Extra 6th year for my child - what do you think?           reply
01/09/2010 10:30 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
Just a thought but would you consider one year in a residential Irish college for your daughter before she goes into secondary school. Scoil na Leanai takes boys and girls ages 10 - 13 yrs who want to focus on their irish. I know a couple of kids who went for one year and loved it. It would mean that she wouldn´t go into secondary too young but would also have the opportunity to really work on her Irish. Just a thought as I said - it mightn´t suit for all kinds of reasons but in case you are interested here is a link to their website

re... : Extra 6th year for my child - what do you think?           reply
01/09/2010 11:00 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
That is a brilliant idea! Thank you so much - I am sending them a query on how that works, cost etc. as we speak. I´ll keep you posted on how we get on with that. Thank you again.

Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs

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