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Is it true with drinking?

re : Is it true with drinking?           reply
25/07/2009 11:17 - Miscellaneous
Good luck with your new adventure! Much of Cork is very beautiful but you will find plenty of examples of young people drunk, in the city mainly. It´s a major problem in Ireland and the UK, some young people do drink to excess to get mindlessly drunk instead of enjoying a couple of drinks while out and about.

However these people do tend to come from lower socio-economic backgrounds and your 14 year old should have no problem as I assume you will not be allowing him out unsupervised with people you don´t know.

It´s like anything else really, the example comes from the parents so you´ll be fine.

re... : Is it true with drinking?           reply
25/07/2009 05:28 - Miscellaneous

Is it true with drinking?           reply
06/07/2009 18:20 - Miscellaneous (Locality: Cork)
We are very new to Ireland. Moving to Cork from California San Francisco bay area because of my husband;s research work.
I heard that in Ireland a lot of local people drinking and then after pubs behaving very crazy... and that sometimes in the store they can sell illegally alcohol to teenagers and then those one behaving very inappropriate.
Here they sell alcohol and allowed you go to a night club at age of 21 and they always check your ID. For 8 years living here I have never seen drunk people especially teens walking, yelling, fighting on the streets. At what age in Ireland they sell alcohol?
I am worry as i am a mother of 14 years old boy. Sorry if i am informed wrong.

re : Is it true with drinking?           reply
25/07/2009 05:27 - Miscellaneous
Lena, I don´t think you should worry unduly about drinking. Speak to your son and just advise him to be careful. San Francisco is a beautiful city but have you spent much time in the city? I´ve been to San Francisco many times and have seen more drunk people, young and old, sleeping rough on the streets than I have in any other city anywherelse in the world.

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