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Need to pick your brain re: minding 2 kids

Need to pick your brain re: minding 2 kids           reply
08/04/2011 10:29 - Wexford Childminders
Hi everyone,
I have a little 18 mt old son who is currently with a childminder while I work part-time. We would love another child so (God Willing!) if we were to have another baby and after a year off at work or so, what would I be looking at roughly for 2 kids in the childminder´s home?

The other option was if I was to get somebody into my home to mind 2 kids. What would i be looking at €€€ in that instance?

I know this probably all sounds a bit premature but i´m just looking for rough ideas because it probably will happen so i´ll have to make a decision then!

Thanks everybody,

re : Need to pick your brain re: minding 2 kids           reply
22/08/2011 20:55 - Wexford Childminders
hi im a montessori teacher and a good qualified minder is roughly 35 euro per day with a second child you would expect some sort of sliding scale (discount) this is in minders home.

re : Need to pick your brain re: minding 2 kids           reply
12/09/2011 15:57 - Wexford Childminders
hello parent, i am a qualified childminder, minding kids in my home for the last 8 years, i charge 30e a day for 1 child & for 2 from the same family 50e a day & that includes home cooked meals, activities ect. every childminder has their own price but most i know charge the same as myself as for getting a childminder into ur home you would set the pay but would be excepted to pay basic pay & holiday pay ect. the same as if they were out working in a shop ect. most childminders i know do not charge when a child is not in their care. hope i have been of some help to you best of luck with it all. one of the mothers i mind for is having another baby next year & is feeling the same as you but i told her not to worry as we will work something out (money wise) that we both feel happy with.

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