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Note re contracts

Note re contracts           reply
03/01/2018 23:42 - Limerick City Childminders
Hi all, a childminder was recently told on a Friday evening that she wouldn´t be needed anymore as the kid´s aunt had lost her job and so was going to mind the kids. The childminder has had the same kids for almost 4 years since each were 6 months old.Childminder drew the kid´s mother´s attention to the contract that they had both signed which was signed each year but the mother just dismissed it and said that it´s not worth the paper it´s written on! The childminder is registered and insured and is obviously very upset about all this and is unsure what to do. She signed the contract in good faith and there was never any issues at all re the children, everything was super. Just wondering can anyone offer advice for her about this and if it has ever happened to anyone else and how did you handle it so I can pass on any advice. Thanks.

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