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Pay while at playschool

Pay while at playschool           reply
14/02/2018 08:49 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Carlow)
Hi there.mimd 2 kids one in primary and one starting playschool. Have for an hr before school and then drop and collect to both school. Should I get paid while at school...

re : Pay while at playschool           reply
14/02/2018 18:41 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Nat sch hours no payment, its wraparound/before/after care you offer.
Playschool... It depends on are you insured/registered childminder but also how strong your principles are.
Registered yes payment if dropping.
Unregistered its very tough insist as ECCE marketed as "free" but its only free to the stay at home parent or those using unpaid family minders. Parents are however looking forward to these "free" childcare hours and a reduction in their childcare costs but its not the chidminder´s place to give free childcare ever . Worse youv to compete with the affordable childcare scheme since September 2017 and if its a creche the ECCE is in the family may be entitled to "more free" hours there depending on their income. Worse difficult if its a parent paying younger child´s playschool fee as they feel/are paying double.
If on principle you feel you wish to charge for the hours then insist on it but be aware you run the risk of losing the family. Don´t forget youv fuel costs, extra car insurance if your using your car, sleeping kid/s to wake at midday, bad weather etc and your losing your freedom as you can´t venture far. Too much all for "free".

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