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Question for those minding children with adhd

Question for those minding children with adhd           reply
07/07/2016 17:32 - Louth Childminders
Hi there
Just wondering if anyone can advice me on something without judging please. I´m a child minder, and one of the kids I mind has adhd. He is only 5 and is a lovely boy with a good heart. But he can be also very hyper, extremely naughty and doesn´t seem to understand discipline either. I love this boy very much but he is a handful some days and my own children are changing because of his influence and not for the better either!
My dh suggests to stop minding him for our children´s sake, but in my mind I think in time he would improve as long as he got support from somewhere.
I´m not really sure what to do so was just hoping someone out there can advice please.

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