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Want to see more information for Rosmini Community School Grace Park Road Drumcondra Dublin 9, Dublin City ? Click on the link.

Rosmini Community School is this a good school 0802262025

Rosmini Community School is this a good school 0802262025           reply
23/06/2012 10:51 -

It has also been many moons since I went to Rosmini--20 years of moons, in fact, so my opinions, like much of the rest of me, is out-of-date. However, the school is something I have thought a lot about recently, since it figures prominently in my latest novel, Kev the Vampire.

To be honest, I didn´t enjoy studying at Rosmini, especially for the first three years, but it wasn´t nearly as bad as I paint it in ´The Holy Bleeding Pelican´. There was little or no physical violence, no real drug problem and the teachers were not sliding into insanity. What I do remember, however, was an air of hopelessness. For the most part, nothing was expected of most of the students and most of them delivered nothing in return.

Memories, of course, are fragile things and prone to distortion. Could it really have been as bad as I remember it? I went on to university and did have a couple of inspirational teachers, and a lot of my unhappiness came from my own shyness, but if I had to live my life again, I would have gone to somewhere more liberal and more progressive. But as I said at the beginning, this was 20 years ago and things have in all likelihood changed enormously. I certainly hope so.

And in the beaten path of self-promotion, the full-blown novel is currently hunting a publisher, but an early draft, a short novella, can be found online. I should warn the reader that the school is described by the novel´s most verbose character, in his ´Diary of an English Teacher--Chapter 5021´, so it is not an easy thing to read. But if you do get past Chapter 2 and want to read the entire full-blown novel, I can easily be persuaded to provide free copies in exchange for Amazon Reviews. 

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28/02/2008 12:03 - School Specific
I replied to another request and I list some schools including Rosmini. My son goes there and is in 3rd year. We, his parents, have mixed views about the school, but my son loves it and all his year/classmates both boys and girls get on very well together. It has its problems as it caters for Special needs of all kinds. But it does incorporate the School of the Blind and its wonderful to see these people integrated into the school. It has a huge range of subjects, specialising in art, metal/woodwork and music. All I´ll say is it hasn´t a good reputation locally as most don´t understand its ethos and the fact it has a large amount of special needs. Our son has done extremely well and is extremely happy. If you´d like you child to go to a mixed school you´d do worse than Rosmini. The best around is Mount Temple, similar subjects and also a mixed school. Rosmini is Catholic and Mount Temple is non-denominationally but has a protestant ethos. The only other differences are Mount Temple would have less special needs and Rosmini has a strict uniform code. Try both and find out for yourself.

re... : is this a good school?           reply
01/03/2008 20:30 - School Specific
thanx 4 your reply.
what are your "mixed views" ?
i´ve been told the school has a "rough crowd" going to it!
on the other hand i´ve been told it´s a great school!!!
dont know what to think.

re... : is this a good school?           reply
03/03/2008 20:46 - School Specific
In fairness my son if he hadn´t got dyslexia would not be going there. Now where he would be going I am not sure in the D9 area. I don´t think Rosmini is as bad as it is painted. There are good and bad in every school and in the D9 area you will get a "rough" mix in all the schools.

My school of first choice was Mount Temple but I was too late on the waiting list and that was history as they say. My son is happy there and will kick a blue stink if I try to move him. A lot of the pupils in the school come from outside the area, that is Marino, Clontarf, Artane/Beaumont, Whitehall, Drumcondra and Ballymun/Santry. I think if your son/daughter are more practical or arty and like to mix with boys/girls its a great school for that.

I heard terrible things about the school and I have been very surprised, the school is disciplined, and there is no bullying it is not tolerated. The boys and girls get along great, the girls that go there I often wonder why with so many good girls schools on their doorsteps.
I guess you know your kids the best, my daughter for instance I have her name down in Domincans and Maryfield. Both are great girls schools right beside each other. I would prefer her to go to a mixed school but its either, Ballymun Comprehensive, Rosmini or Mount Temple or indeed Scoil Chatriona the gaelscoil. But for a girl either Dominicans or Maryfield, outside of Belvedere Private Boys school, Domicans have the best results on the North side of the city. As for Rosmini your right to be wary, but my son is happy, loves it and is doing well. If it is a boy its harder to get a good school in the area, thats just my opinion I didn´t like any of them. I hope I haven´t confused you too much.

is this a good school?           reply
26/02/2008 20:25 - School Specific
is rosmini a good school?
my son is in st pats at the moment & i have to decide which secondary school to send him to.
what are the best schools in dublin 9 & 11?

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