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Toddlers Bed Time

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04/04/2007 14:30 - Behaviour / Discipline
Sorry, I know you´ve probably solved this long ago but reading it just made me laugh, it reminded me of my now 20 year old son when he got his first bed, glad to report he loves his own bed now and no longer sleeps on the floor!

re : Toddlers Bed Time           reply
14/09/2006 14:32 - Behaviour / Discipline
If you have just moved your toddler to his own bed then I think you should start off as you mean to continue and insist that he remains in his bed. If you want to enforce it you will probably have to go through the old routine of each time he gets out of his bed, put him back - no talking, playing with him etc. If you let him remain sleeping on the landing then he won´t get used to being put to bed and staying there. I would imagine that he is choosing to sleep on the landing so that he can hear you downstairs. It might be an idea when you put him to bed to find some routine tasks to do upstairs for a while so that he can hear you nearby and he gets used to the routine. Hope this helps.

Toddlers Bed Time           reply
14/09/2006 12:14 - Behaviour / Discipline

My two year old DS has just been moved to his own bed and has started getting out of it as soon as we leave the room and taking all his blankets and putting them on the floor in the landing and sleeping by the stairs. He doesn´t whinge or moan too much he is just happy falling asleep there. Has anyone any ideas as to why this is happening and is it ok just to leave him and hope that he´ll grow out of it?


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