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When should my son start school

re : When should my son start school           reply
17/08/2016 16:59 - Pre-school / Montessori
My own child 6/1 but I sent when turned the four. Middle of class age range and well able. I did question the national school teacher after low infants and wouldn´t hear of keeping back, I did wonder if I sent too early.
With second free year, could montessori be looking at your child having two years? Pop into your national school is what I´d do?

When should my son start school           reply
17/08/2016 09:29 - Pre-school / Montessori (Locality: Dublin North)

I just want some opinions.
My son was born on 06/01/2015 and starting Montessori in September 2018 but I presumed he would then start school in September 2019 (after turning 5 in the January).however the Montessori teacher said he should start school in September 2020 making him 6 in the January before he finishes junior infants?surely that´s a bit too old?

All help and opinions great appreciated

re... : When should my son start school           reply
17/08/2016 17:18 - Pre-school / Montessori
Yes I will do that so.
Just don´t want him being too old in junior infants.
I think maybe the Montessori might just be trying to give us the 2 years I´ll contact her and the school.
Thanks so much for your help.😀

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