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how much to charge

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19/05/2012 17:49 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
i work from 7am till 9 pm and i get 150 for the day and that would be the going rate i know 3 other childminders on this same rate

how much to charge           reply
03/01/2012 22:40 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Galway)
Hi so I childmind in county galway minding 2 children from 7-5.30 and i charge 7euro an hour and thats 3 days a week so max i get is 210euro but i dont even get that as i dont work the same hours a week it could be 6-10a day so really i come out with 180euro but that job is going soon :( but have found a new job except its a longer day from 7-9 still minding 2 children dropping one child to school etc but i said i charge 7an hour and she said that was too expensive which i see her point so i said ill do it for 70aday and since again this is only 3 days a week ill only be coming out with 210euro and she said ill be having half days as well but she even said 70was too much and she said 50 a day!! i said thats too little but since i need a job we agreed on 60.. i think 180euro is too little to be surviving on for that many hours work! i told her i really cant survive on that little amount of money it would be okay if i had the 2 jobs together but unfortunatly it hasnt worked that way.. so im still going to look for more work on to that as she said shes extremely flexible on the days i work but i think thats slave money really.. and i have gone to college for 2 years to study childcare, its just there is no work in creches anymore..

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19/05/2012 19:57 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
The going rate in Dublin seems to be 5.00euro an hour, I have even been asked to work for less than this, and have been looking after siblings for 6.00euro per hour for both, at weekends, so I think that you both are doing really well with your rates, its not handy money despite what some think,.

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