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Secondary school entrance exams

re : Secondary school entrance exams           reply
19/10/2010 20:26 -
They use entrance exams to see where your child is at. Most schools i think use the results to put your child into a level they are able for. A,B and C i think it goes to but that depends on the school. My secondary there was 3 A classes, 4 B classes and 1 C class. I have heard some schools tell parents its not to class them, that they watch them for the 1st few months and put them where they are suitable. Dont worry though!

Secondary school entrance exams           reply
16/01/2009 20:48 -
Just curious, I have just received a letter that my son has to do an entrance exam for secondary school, as he is my first of 4 kids to go to secondary this is a bit alien to me. Is this just a general test to see what level he´s at ? the school have said that they are not streaming the children, so its not for that reason ??? any ideas ?????

re : Secondary school entrance exams           reply
19/10/2010 21:37 -
they are just assessment tests to see what your child´s strengths and weaknesses are. Nothing to be worried about.

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