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FEAST - Food Education and Climate Action in Ireland

In today’s world, education in relation to food and our climate has never been more important. At FEAST we are committed to passing on all the relevant knowledge and skills to schoolchildren and disadvantaged members of society all around Ireland to help them live healthier, more environmentally sustainable lives.

We have curated a number of contemporary and modern food and climate action workshops for schoolchildren from 5 to 18 years old.

Le Chéile is a unique partnership with Cristíona Ni hÍci from Céile Kombucha. This extensive and immersive 2 hour workshop is regarded as Ireland’s most comprehensive and innovative Food Education experience available to schools.

Le Chéile focuses on:
  • Ireland's Food History & Food Culture,
  • Seaweeds,
  • Traditional & Innovative Fermentation Techniques,
  • Local Medicinal Herbs,
  • Foraged Edibles,
  • In-season Fruit & Vegetables,
  • Classic & Modern Recipes,
  • And the science behind Good Gut Health.

Ár Bía is an extensive one and a half hour workshop again available for primary and secondary schools to book. For this workshop, we've teamed up with St. Tola Irish Goats Cheese, Kelly Oysters, Green Earth Organics and many more top Irish food producers. We're introducing schoolchildren to Irelands rich food culture, incredible artisan and foraged foods as well as todays bustling food scene.

Ár Bía - tasters during the workshop include:
  • Sea Spaghetti & Pickled Carrot Salad,
  • Channel Wrack, Beetroot & Sea Sandwort Salad, 
  • Fried Kale Crisps,
  • Baked Kelp Crisps with Irish Sea Salt,
  • Oysters, Sea Lettuce & Lemon.
  • Caramelised Tomato & Goats Cheese Bruschetta
  • Carrageen Moss Pudding
  • **snacks vary depending on seasonality.

Ár Talamh is our effective, interactive, no-nonsense presentation and workshop designed to inspire Climate Action among schoolchildren in Ireland.

Ár Talamh - presentation and tasks focus on:
  • The causes of Climate Change,
  • 10 effects of Climate Change,
  • How our everyday actions can become more environmentally sustainable to curb higher temperature rises..

All of our workshops are full of tasks and challenges for the students.

Throughout our food workshops we conduct gustatory, olfactory, sight and texture tasks.

In our climate action workshop, we get our students to identify small, medium and large changes that they can make in their own lives to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our 3 workshops are conducted at your school. All we need is a large room and we bring the rest!!