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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your School Food Provider

Since April 2024, additional primary schools have become eligible to receive Hot School Meals, enabling more schools to offer healthy lunches to their students. Choosing the right school food provider is a big decision, and you need to carefully consider what they can offer. To help you make your decision we have highlighted 5 things to consider when choosing your school food provider.

Choose a Provider You Can Trust

When selecting a provider, it's essential to choose one you can rely on, a company with expertise, experience, and an outstanding reputation.

Providing School meals for almost 20 years, the Glanmore Foods leadership team share over 100 years of combined industry expertise. With over 450 schools nationwide rely on Glanmore Foods to deliver their school meals programme. And we are incredibly proud of our 99% retention rate. In fact, we still supply meals to the first school we partnered with!

What’s on the Menu?

Your school food provider should offer a diverse range of options to satisfy curious appetites and combat menu fatigue.
At Glanmore foods we offer the largest range of hot meals available from any national school food provider. We believe in mixing things up on the menu to help children develop a love for all types of food from an early age. Additionally, our menu addresses special dietary needs such as dairy-free, gluten-free, halal, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Is the food Nutritious?

Balanced nutrition in school meals is vital for students’ healthy development and effective learning, so it is important to ensure that the food provided is nutritious and adheres to the Healthy Ireland nutrition standards.

At Glanmore Foods we create, prepare, cook, and package our school meals within our cutting-edge food development facility in Dublin, where we even have our own bakery! From our meatballs in arrabbiata sauce to our super gooey mac 'n' cheese, we analyse every delicious recipe featured in the Glanmore Foods menus.

How green are they?

It is important to think of the world our young students are set to inherit and how you can help impact that in a positive way. So, when choosing a school food provider, consider what sustainability initiatives they have in place.
At Glanmore Foods we are committed to reducing waste and have an ambitious commitment to reach our Net Zero Goals by 2030. Our Hot meal packaging and utensils are 100% compostable, and we provide brown bins and compostable bags for the correct disposal of any food waste.

What level of Service is provided?

Select a school food provider that offers comprehensive support beyond just providing food.
At Glanmore Foods we invest time, effort, and capital to deliver a service that exceeds the expectations of schools, children, and parents. It's important that every school who partners with
us feels supported. We assign a food service operative to schools with the facilities to re-heat food. They’re responsible for managing deliveries, heating and allocating meals, general administration and waste management.

Article Sponsored by Glanmore Foods

Glanmore Glanmore Foods are the AIBF’s ‘’Business All-Star School Lunch Provider Of The Year 2023-2024’’.

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