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DIY Halloween Costumes
for Kids


Pokémon Go has revived everyone's love of the popular 90's show so it is no surprise that kids all over want to dress up as they're favourite Pokémon! We have a full article dedicated to Pokémon Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids and Teens.

Check it out here.

Judy Hopps ¦ Zootopia

Zootopia was a huge hit this year with the kids and the tiny bunny with big dreams is sure to be a costume request this year. All you need is a basic cop style uniform or jeans and a light blue polo. Then add a police badge, carrot, bunny ears and a tail. We think its super cute!

Credit: JustSewSpecialShop via

BFG ¦ Big Friendly Giant

Another hit with the kids this year is the BFG movie and you can use it again when World Book Day comes! All you need is a cream long sleeved t-shirt, a bigger rust coloured t shirt, green bottoms and a cheap butterfly net. The genius part of this costume are those paper plate ears which really make it all come together.

Credit: BookAidInternational via

Dory ¦ Finding Dory

Who knew you could recreate such a loveable character with just cardboard and some paint!? If your child is obsessed with Finding Dory then this costume is the perfect choice and it really is so easy to make!

Credit: Lily Glass

Star Wars: BB-8

Star Wars is still a huge influence this Halloween so rather than opting for the popular Rey and Kylo costumes, why not get your child to dress up as the adorable new droid, BB-8? The costume is seriously easy to make and will definetly stand out from the crowd!


Alice in Wonderland

With the release of the latest Alice in Wonderland movie out this year, many kids may want to dress up as the adventurous heroine again this year! For kids, we just love this Alice in Wonderland inspired costume which will also double up as a costume for World Book Day