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Designer Minds

At Designer Minds it’s all about STEAM! Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths. We run summer camps, weekly clubs, parties and workshops throughout Ireland. Activities are interactive, educational & fun for children between 1st and 6th class with lots of variety in topics.

S is for Science

At Designer Minds, children carry out exciting scientific experiments and projects and in the process learn all about topics such as reactions, human anatomy, forces and motion, micro-organisms, magnetism, renewable energy and more!

T is for Technology

At Designer Minds we aim to get children using technology in creative ways! We introduce them to coding, stop motion animation, augmented reality, music technology, graphic design and more.

E is for Engineering

At Designer Minds, children get the opportunity to learn all about Engineers and the design process. They complete many types of engineering projects using Lego, electronics and other materials. While working on projects with other like-minded individuals, children also learn important skills such as communication and teamwork.

A is for Art

At Designer Minds, we know that creativity is important. In today’s competitive world, it’s not enough to just “know your stuff”! It is important that children are given an outlet to use their knowledge to design and create. Our art activities usually have a link to science, engineering or technology.

M is for Maths

At Designer Minds, children use mathematical concepts all of the time without even realising that they are studying Maths! Measuring, weighing, logic, estimating and other practical maths skills are incorporated into lessons. We also do specific maths challenges using Minecraft, because we definitely don’t want it to be boring!

Designer Minds is very unique because it provides an introduction to all of the STEAM topics. It’s not just Lego, just coding, just science or just art. Children get to explore all of these subjects in a fun and interactive way. It allows children to try lots of different things and opens their minds to how the world around them works!

Designer Minds is also a great value option considering the variety of equipment, topics and resources used from one activity to the next. From tablets and computers to electronics, microscopes, art supplies, Lego and robots. This variety is not provided at school or any other camp.

Terms of 13 weeks

Ages 1st to 6th Class

Equipment Provided

Duration: 1 Hour Long Clubs

087 631 0411

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