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Easter Crafts with the kids

Easter time brings mixed emotions for parents: the kids are off school and we can enjoy a break from busy morning routines. But with school breaks come bored children, and unpredictable spring-time weather. One idea that will keep kids of all ages content for an afternoon is by doing some crafts with an Easter twist! There are plenty of art and craft ideas around the web for you to choose from, here at we’ve picked our favourites:

Decorated Eggs

One of the easiest Easter crafts is egg decoration. Dating back to early civilization, eggs were decorated and seen as a symbol of spring, fertility and Christian beliefs of resurrection. Now, kids and parents enjoy giving sweets or chocolate eggs at Easter time after Lent, but also using the eggs and egg shapes for crafts and games.

With bits and bobs found around the house this is low energy and budget craft fun with the kids. What you need: Eggs!, PVC kid’s glue, glitter, food colouring, paints, coloured thread, pencils, and permanent marker.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to decorate an egg using the supplies above. You can hard boil the eggs to keep shape or ‘blow out’ the yoke by draining it. For a simple activity that small kids can do like dyed eggs, dip eggs in food colouring and when dry, draw designs with coloured pencils.

For glittery eggs, wash the egg in glue and dip it in glitter, or hundreds and thousands, and leave to dry. For amazing colour, try threaded eggs using coloured or embroidery thread: Dip or spray egg in glue, then cut a length of thread of different colours. Then, close to bottom of the egg, begin wrapping twine around it with different thread until you reach the top. Then glue.

You can place the above decorated eggs in a painted egg carton or special Easter themed basket.

Easter Toilet Roll Holder Bunny

The origins of the Easter bunny is said to begin with German folklore, when a bunny or hare, the symbol of fertility in antiquity, would bring children decorated eggs on the eve of Good Friday. Nowadays, the Easter bunny is the second (after eggs) most prolific symbol of this time. Here is an easy craft you can do at home with the kids: What you need: Toilet roll holders, scissors, paint, markers, googly eyes, cotton wool, and glue. Paint the toilet rolls whatever colour you like and leave to dry.

Cut out strips for ears and paint with same colour. Secure ears with glue and stick on googly eyes. Draw face with markers and stick on cotton balls for fuzzy bunny tail and you are done!

Egg Carton Chicks

Easter chicks are a symbol of Easter with ‘hatching’ often relating to Christ’s resurrection, but also a symbol of pagan springtime farming, fertility and reproduction. Little yellow chicks are essential part of an Easter craft, Here’s what you need:

Egg carton, scissors, glue, paint, yellow or orange card, and a marker. First, cut two egg holders from carton and glue paper hinge together and paint it yellow. Cut out orange triangles for beak and feet, with yellow triangles for wings. Use a marker to draw eyes. Fill with candy treats or small chocolate eggs

For more on Easter time events and activities please see our dedicated sections.