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Eilemental Activity Park

Eile Mental is the location for school tours in Galway. Catering to Groups from 10 to 200 with numerous packages from 1.5hrs of intense gaming, starting from €10 per person in our purpose built Lasertag Battlegrounds to full day 6 hour packages including a variety of activities such as Archery, Disc Golf, Orientering and Paintball. In early 2019 we will be launching Archery Tag, Splatball, Mini Olympics and an Assault Course.

Without doubt, whatever the group Eile Mental has activities that will excite, enliven and entertain you.

Catering from ages 10+ students are guaranteed a day to remember with a mix of fast and slow activities where both individual and team stamina, skill and intelligence is tested and challenged to the maximum

Self Awareness: Our LIVE gaming encourages students to learn more about themselves and their abilities, to set personal goals and test themselves in REAL social adventures.

Staying Well: Our fun activities challenge students both mentally and physically giving them the definitive all round experience!

Communication: We introduce structure in teams to encourage students to listen, present , express themselves and build on their language skills (both Irish and English). Students will learn to communicate information in real time, efficiently. Information needs to be sent, received, analysed and acted on quickly for teams to succeed.

Being Creative: Situations can change dramatically and students will learn to be creative, explore options, implement ideas and take action. Our gaming enhances student’s creative and critical thinking and their ability to evaluate situations.

Working with Others: Our games advance teamwork and co-operation, aiding students inter-personal relationships while learning with others and respecting others differences and abilities in a friendly and safe social setting.

Gaisce and T.Y packages available. Contact us and together we can tailor a package to suit your needs with all of Galway and Conamara's delights on our doorstep you can combine Activities with perhaps a trip to the Arann Islands or visit Paraic Pearse's cottage or take in Galways museums or simply indulge in a spot of shopping in the Craft village nearby.


  • LASER TAG A thrilling LIVE combat gaming simulation, using harmless infra red laser guns. Our multiple scenarios make playing a truly fun and memorable experience.
  • PAINTBALL (Ages 14+) Paintball is a projectile based gaming simulation.
  • ARCHERY . (Ages 10+) A recurve bow, a target and a steady hand will be required for this challenging and enjoyable activity.
  • DISC GOLF . Contestants use disks to complete the course on a par based system.
  • ORIENTEERING Teamwork, stamina and applied intelligence are needed for this fun activity. Time to test those map reading skills!


Splatball: A little softer then the gas filled markers makes this suited to the younger and or more delicate members of your tribe but they'll still fight to the last man.

Archery Tag The hunger games meets dodgball in this action filled survival of the fittest

Assault/Obstacle course Challenge youself and others to complete the course in the fastest time possible

Mini Olympics Dizzy penalties, Archery, Tug of war, Sack Race, 3 legged crawl! and Basketball 3pointer to name but a few in this ten event mini olympics which will test all.

There is something for everyone so contact us.

Activities in Irish or English

Teachers play for free

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