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Envirokids - Enviromental Workshops for Schools

We believe everyone can help make a difference and you are never too young to start. If we want to ensure we leave a better planet for further generations we need to connect with our children and they, in turn can help educate our families and friends. The children are engaged throughout the Workshop and will leave with new knowledge in - helping them live a greener life.

We specialize in developing fun but informative workshops for children from 6 years up… schools (Primary & Secondary), groups, societies and communities.  If you would like to explore how our unique workshops can help make a difference to our every day lives, you're very welcome to contact me personally at, I’d love to help!

EnviroKids Workshops covers environmental issues as outlined in the schools curriculum and the green schools award.  The Global Citizenship and Energy criteria are both covered in the Workshop.
#1 Demonstrating the damage that is currently happening to our planet.
#2 Reducing our Carbon footprint.
#3 Addressing environmental challenges.
#4 Everyday recycling and caring for our local environment.
#5 Ensuring our planet is healthier for future generations

The workshop is a fun interactive presentation that is an hour long, consisting of slide show, video and hands-on ‘group’ challenges. The main objective of the workshop is the kids have fun while learning how to care for our environment. In the workshop we talk about certain aspects such as our carbon footprint, the garbage islands and the kids are given a fun team quiz on what they have seen up to that point.

We also have hand outs and if the school would like a small class project can be given with a certificate to all class members on completion.

Our Key Deliverables:
#1 Helping children to gain a greater understanding of the importance of our environment and how to maintain it.
#2 A new awareness to the damage that is being done to our local waterways and our oceans, through pollution and plastics.
#3 The negative effects and impact of single use plastics and failure to correctly recycle where possible.
#4 Sustainable energies for better futures i.e. wind farms, solar power.
#5 How we can improve our local environment , tidy towns, council etc.
#6 Working together to ensure a cleaner future for generations to come in our own homes and local communities.

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