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Family holidays and travel tips in Disneyland Paris this Christmas

Christmas time school holidays is a great opportunity to get away with the family and christmas at Disneyland Paris is a winter wonderland event with Santa himself and his grotto there to greet children. Along with special festive themed areas there are plenty for all ages here with loads of exciting thrill rides, parades and Disney themed shows.

The christmas season starts early in November and continues to around the 6th of January. Loads of travel agents offer package deals that suit every budget that include hotels, flights park entry and shuttle buses, so do some research and find the ones that suit your needs.

What to do:

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has two parks, the latter and Walt Disney Studios. You will need tickets for both parks ( you can get package deals through agent or through their website). In Disneyland Paris, the top attractions are Space Mountain and Pirates of The Caribbean, there is a special christmas village and a Mickey’s Winter Wonderland that begins in November. There will be a giant christmas tree and light shows everywhere with unique festive decorations. You can even book a christmas themed room in the theme park’s hotels.

Walt Disney Studios

While Disneyland Paris is dedicated the magical and fantasy, Walt Disney Studios is all about magic of film and cinema. There are four cinema themed studios with attractions like 3D rides Ratatouille, where you become the size of a mouse and travel through the chef’s kitchen. There is a tour around disaster-movie zones, and a Toy-Story playground. There’s stuff for bigger kids and little ones here too. ( Remember, it takes at least a day to experience each of the parks so make sure you have enough time for both.)

Before you go:

The park is 22 miles from Paris with connecting trains and buses from airport. Costs of travel between the main airports differ widely, so check how much your connecting train or bus will cost before you book a flight. Travel agent packages that are all-inclusive generally work out more cost effective than booking separately but these may not suit everyone’s schedule.
Parents with young kids must be prepared to queue for hours for the popular rides and the parks are big so there will be a lot walking. Parents with older kids and teens might have a better time as the teens can queue themselves (while the parents can have a break at the bar!) Peak times for the park is school holidays so be prepared for crowds.

Remember, food and drinks are expensive so be ready to spend!