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Fun garden games & activities with the kids!

The weather may be mixed but that doesn't mean we can't start planning some great out-door games with the kids when the sun does shine. Spending time with your kids in the back garden doesn't have to mean forking out loads of cash on expensive toys like slides or trampolines. Sometimes all it takes to keep to kids occupied is a little creative imagination. Here’s top games for garden fun.

What to do:

First off, clean up the garden!
After the storms of recent times it would be a good idea to check the garden to see if there isn't anything lying around like fallen branches and debris that kids can fall on or hurt their feet. Cut the grass and clean any garden furniture or toys that have gone native over the winter months..


Day Camping!

Everybody remembers the first time they spent outside camping in their garden. Whether with a friend, parent or sibling, pitching a tent and retelling terrifying ghosts stories is one sure way to keep the kids entertained for a while.

Warning: be prepared for terrified children re-entering house once sun goes down.

Tug of war & Mud Pies

A good game on grass is Tug of War. Get two kids to stand on boxes or milk crates and pull on the rope. The first kid to fall off the box loses! Have a muddy patch or an unused flower bed? This is a perfect place for younger kids to get mucky and have fun. Dig up the mud and spray with water to get extra muddy. Give the kids watering can to play with and they can create their own little mud castles with plant pots.


Have a hose? Well then you have the right equipment for the ultimate water fight. Watergun tag, water-balloons fights, anything from a watering can to a bucket can become a weapon of choice, and all have a part to play in destroying your lovely lawn and drying clothes Obviously the extent of the water sports is a little weather dependent - hopefully we'll get a warm spring this year!.

Arts & Crafts

Being outside means kids can get messy and it won’t mean hours of cleaning if they do. Give them chalk and let them have drawing competitions on the ground or walls. Another fun game is allowing kids to use body paint to paint themselves and each other. Use a water based paint mixed with water in a bowl and let them get creative. The best bit? washing it all off with the hose!

Get the Kids interested in Gardening
Gardening is the ideal hobby and way to help children learn more about nature and growth.
Showing them how to plant seeds, keep them watered and fed, and knowing when to see their flowers, vegetables and fruits comes to life will give them a better understanding of responsibility, care and nurturing.

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Fun Activities in the House & Garden