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Getting Ready

for College:

Top Tips

Many thoughts will occupy your mind as you prepare for college. Will I make new friends? Will I fit in? Will I be academically able for my chosen course of study? You may also be worried about moving away from home. Rest assured that most of your concerns will pass without too much complication and you will welcome a fresh start.

Believe in your own ability

You have come this far, don’t stop now. Things will seem very strange at first - new structures, new people, new system. You are not alone. Most students feel the same.

Take Responsibility

Find out what your academic day demands of you such as: lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, laboratory sessions, study sessions and other interactions. Universities and Colleges may have a mix of online and in-person lectures in place but most will be in-person. Be sure to know where each class takes place.

Read the Handbook

Every course has one. Find out key information which will include; deadlines, key dates and times, examination structures, rules and regulations and much more.

Start as you mean to continue

Attend registration, induction sessions, lectures, tutorials, demonstrations etc. and avail of any supports and services made available to you in the course of study.

Develop a Strong Work Ethic

You need to develop a consistent approach to your study, learning how to manage your time in meeting many different and conflicting deadlines.

Be Organised

Date your lectures, take notes and rewrite your notes soon after. These are your personal guide to your work and should be filed in a systematic order.

Back Up your Work

Too many tears are shed over work lost and excuses are not tolerated at college. Store this information in multiple different and accessible places.

Get to know yourself better

Understand your strengths and weaknesses, know your friends, your confidants, know when you are comfortable in situations and when you feel threatened. Remember there is help at college for all situations whether you get into social, personal or academic difficulty. It’s good to talk.

Get Involved

Fresher's week is an exciting and eventful week in which you will be introduced to college life, sports, clubs and societies. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and form lasting friendships which will shape and define your student experience. College is not all about study, it is important to adapt socially. Your chosen University or College will guide you through their plans to help with social outings and activities.

Make Things Happen

Being successful at college is about becoming informed, taking control, ownership and responsibility. Be your own driver. Set your own goals, monitor your progress, seek feedback and reward yourself when the work is done.

Follow these Tips For College Success...

By taking control and getting involved you will have a truly memorable experience and this will facilitate your development in becoming a mobile, employable and contributing citizen of our world.

Information talks for parent and student groups are available nationwide with Cracking the Code: email