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Experience Glasnevin – Ireland’s National Cemetery

Experience Glasnevin offers exciting and engaging education programmes for students of all ages. Students can learn about the events and personalities, which shaped the course of Irish history since 1800. Visit the grave of Daniel O’Connell, Charles Stewart Parnell, Michael Collins, James Larkin, Countess Markievicz, and many more. Students and teachers can also make use of interactive exhibits and curriculum-based work packs.

Educational History Tour and Exhibition

Our renowned history tour gives students the opportunity to explore the diversity of Irish life since 1800, through the stories of the famous (and not so famous) people who are buried here.
  • Learning packs are sent in advance of your visit
  • Students gain a deeper understanding of events and personalities from The Decade of Centenaries
  • Tours are tailored to the needs of your class - and some tours are available in Irish
  • Cross curricular tours available
  • Examine interesting artefacts and interactive exhibits

Transition Year Tour Guiding Programme

Looking for a challenging, valuable and fun program for your Transition Year class? Why not try Glasnevin’s Transition Year Tour Guiding Programme? Not only will you learn about the importance of tourism to the economy, but students will develop the skills of researching, writing and public speaking, while also exploring the history of nineteenth and twentieth century Ireland.

The programme includes two visits to Glasnevin Cemetery; the first is the training portion of the programme, and on the second visit each student steps into the shoes of the tour guide and performs, informs and entertains their audience.

For further information on the education programmes available at Glasnevin and how they can be adapted to suit your needs, please contact our Education Department at or call 01 882 6598. Tours from €7 per student. Booking is essential.

Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11