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Climate Action Workshops for Schools

Global Action Plan wants people to respond to the climate crisis as active, concerned citizens. To help you and your class build skills in climate action, we offer:
  • In-school or online workshops for primary and post-primary students
  • Teacher training events and webinars

Workshops for primary and secondary schools

Do your students want to engage and learn about Climate Action, Biodiversity, Waste, Water Conservation or Global Citizenship? Global Action Plan delivers engaging workshops with your students, in-school or online.

Our interactive, participatory, workshops explore what makes an active global citizen in this time of climate challenges. Through raising their awareness of climate issues, students will be motivated to take on these issues in an age-appropriate, hands-on way. Workshops are between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on your needs. Our current workshop themes are:
  • Climate Action
  • Global Citizenship
  • Fast Fashion
  • Water wise
  • Wise about Waste
Your learners will be empowered with knowledge and skills that will help them take action personally, at school, at home and in their wider communities. During the workshop, students will discuss practical, relevant examples of how they can take positive action towards making our world a better place.

Contact us via our website contact page or at

Action on Global Citizenship for Secondary Schools

The Action on Global Citizenship programme builds teachers’ capacity to lead climate action in their schools. Our teachers’ toolkit provides ready-made activities to help teachers explore global themes, while our training sessions familiarise teachers with GCE and climate action.

Teachers who attend our training courses will learn some of the theory behind Global Citizenship Education, as well as practical, hands-on activities they can use in their next class. By the end of the webinar series, participants will feel much more comfortable facilitating learner-led, whole-school action on a range of development climate issues. Our webinar series takes a blended learning approach, using online pre-work with weekly webinar discussions. OCritical Themes are one-off workshops that focus on specific themes within GCE and climate action

Action on Global Citizenship is available for schools in English and Irish.

2021/22 programme:
  • 19th Oct - 9th Nov - Action on Global Citizenship Teacher Training Webinar. Sign up!
  • 8th Dec - Critical Themes: Action on Fast Fashion. Sign up!
  • 12th Jan 2022 - Critical Themes: Action on Plastics. Sign up!
  • 10th Feb 2022 - Critical Themes: Action on Food. Sign up!
  • Teacher climate factsheets
  • How to... videos
Contact us at for more information or go to our Action on Global Citizenship page of our website

Covid Proofing our Delivery

Following HSE guidelines and supporting the approaches each and every school takes, we offer deliveries of our programmes in the following ways:

All levels of the Government plan for living with Covid:
  • Online through Zoom
  • We have transformed our programmes for this medium to ensure that the interactive and participatory approach
While the country is at Level 4 and below, we provide the following approach:
  • Outdoors - we can come to your school and using your outdoor space, deliver the workshop while using your outdoor space in a creative and engaging way
  • In Class delivery - Following all social distancing and hygiene protocols, we can come to your class and deliver a participatory workshop with your students. Our facilitators will have the necessary PPE, will maintain social distance at all times and use voice amplification to ensure that the use of PPE will not impact the quality of delivery.