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Monster Doors

Halloween costumes aren't just for the kids! Dress up your doors for an extra thrill this year. Monster style doors are a fun and creative way to get stuck into decoration mode with the kids this Halloween! Before you start, have a look at the style of your front door area. Do you have a porch? Does your door have a window feature that can be incorporated? What colours do you have to work with?

There are so many possibilities with this type of idea, the hard part is trying to decide which one to go with! Here are some of the ideas we found around the web that will suit almost every type of door or porch space. In most cases, all you need is some construction paper, colours, tape and imagination.

If you have a porch or vestibule space then you should consider this scary eyes and teeth entrance. All you need is some cardboard, paint and adhesive to create this haunting entrance. The idea is so simple and easy but the overall effect is fantastic. Get the tutorial here. In instances where your door has a window feature then you should use it in your idea.

There are many ways to make the window look scary, like spooky eyes or add some green tissue paper for a slimey alien effect. You can also get the kids to trace their hands on black paper, cut and stick to the windows for a terrifying effect. We love this Mike Wasowski door idea and we're sure the kids will love it too! Find out how you can make this door here. (If you don't happen to have a Lime green door and have no intention of painting it then you can improvise with a large sheet of coloured paper). Having a green door at Halloween sure has its advantages! Check out this Frankenstein door, a great art project that the whole family can get involved with! All you need are some paper plates and black paper.

For plain old white doors, try this Nightmare before Christmas style door. This Jack Skellington Door is a perfectly simple way to dress up your home and be a little bit silly. Simply cut out the shapes you need from black cardboard and attach to your door, so simple! Get a free template and tutorial here. Go for a Mummy door if you're decorating last minute!

Check out this video tutorial which shows you how to create the perfect mummy door for Halloween. You can use toilet paper, tulle or some strips of an old white sheet. Add some paper plate eyes and you're done! Get the kids to wrap the material around the door while you over see the operation with your cup of tea.

So you can see that there are many ways to dress up your door this Halloween, you just have to get creative and get the kids involved. Why not check out our other decorating ideas below.