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How to turn your garden into a Trick or Treaters Paradise!

If you would like to transform your home into a haunted house that will give trick or treaters a bit of a thrill then look no further! We have collected the simplest decorations from around the web that will give your house that creepy edge this Halloween. Even better, these projects will keep the kids busy on the midterm break and get them in the Halloween mood! Here are some of the best ways for you to deck your house out with the best Halloween spirit!


Creating a creepy graveyard in your garden doesn't have to be an expensive venture. If your house happens to have a handyman and some spare wood, cut out some templates for the kids to decorate or get the kids to create cardboard tombstones using this tutorial. When the tombstones are ready, get the kids to pick a spot in the garden and use a wooden stick to keep it upright. Dig up a little soil around the tombstone to give the impression of a freshly dug grave or, if you don't like the idea of digging up your garden, use brown material like burlap to create the illusion of soil.

Ghosts on the Grass

Grab some chicken wire and some glow in the dark paint to create ghostly figures around your garden! Fill your garden with these chicken wire ghouls for a great way to occupy the excited kids and ensure creative Halloween experience. Be sure to wear some protective gloves to avoid cuts and scrapes while making them. This is sure to give chills down even the bravest of spines! Find out to create these figures here.

Scary Eyes

These are fun for the whole family to make! All you need are some toilet paper rolls, scissors and a few glow sticks. Cut eyes out of the rolls in any style you want, crack the glow stick and fix it in place in the middle of the roll with some selotape or glue. A few of these placed strategically around the trees and bushes of your garden will give Trick or Treaters the feeling of being watched as they walk to your front door. Spooky! Check it out.

Floating Heads

For this super scary effect, you will need balloons (helium optional), glow sticks, string (and a weight, if needed) and black marker. This type of decoration can be used for ghosts or aliens, simply insert the contents of a glow stick into the balloon and draw on the face. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the marker though or you will be covered in glow in the dark paint! Get a more in depth guide to making this decoration here.

Spooky Trees

If you have tree in your front garden, then cash in on its potential as a terrifying focal point! Hang cut-out bats from its branches, surround its trunk with pumpkins, hang a sheet from it. The possibilites are endless! Get the kids to cut bat shapes out of black cardboard and use a hole puncher on the wings to attach string. The desired effect will be like this.

Witch's Cauldron

For a bewitching touch of magic, create a spell making scene like this one for virtually no cost at all! All you need is an inexpensive plastic cauldron, cotton balls, glow sticks, some large rocks and sticks. Place the rocks in a circle and top with sticks, as if you were building a fire. If you like, shred some coloured tissue paper to create the illusion of actual fire. The kids can decorate the cauldron with spiders or cobwebs to make it even more creepy! Pull the cotton balls apart so that they are fluffy and thinned out. Fill the cauldron with the cotton and hide some glow sticks within to create an eerie, glowing mist. Surround the cauldron with red apples and tea stained scrolls for the final touch.

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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