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How much should I pay a babysitter

There are no regulations surrounding babysitters pay because a babysitter is often understood to be a person under 18 years old, who will mind children for a few hours in the evening at irregular periods. However, even though often thought as a casual work for teenagers (often girls between 14 - 18 years old) lots of parents employ qualified childminders/babysitters who have experience in this area. The difficulty is deciding how much you should pay babysitters* for looking after your loved ones.

A qualified childminder over 18 years old with experience in childcare will expect more per hour than a teenager. By looking at our forums, we believe that currently the approx cost for a sitter is between 5-8euros and hour for sitters (under 18s) and between 8/10 euro and hour for those over 18 years and or who are qualified.

The amount you negotiate with your sitter is up to you, but take into consideration other factors before you both agree on a price. Such as:

    • How long you will leave sitter and what time you will be home at ( after midnight does the price go up?)
    • Can you negotiate a fixed price for whole evening irrespective of hours.
    • If there are more than one child the sitter may expect a little more per child.

*Please note that all of our wage estimates above are based on babysitters we see advertised on, and are only suggested as guides, the pay you choose to offer your childminder is entirely between yourself and them.

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