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ICDL has been at the forefront of digital skills training and certification since 1997. ICDL is a not for profit organisation dedicated to raising digital competence standards in the workforce, education and society. Surplus revenue generated goes straight back into promoting and advancing digital skills.

What is ICDL?

ICDL, the Digital Skills Standard, is the most widely recognised computer certification in the world. Over 16 million people, including 1 million in Ireland have taken part in an ICDL programme. ICDL certification programmes are designed, validated and approved by academics and industry experts from around the world. ICDL covers all the skills needed to use technology and thrive in today's digital-first world, benefiting learners of all skill levels and experiences.

ICDL is a complete, flexible programme

There are no compulsory or set modules, offering learners complete flexibility in how they wish to build their digital skill set or ‘ICDL profile’. ICDL Profile digital certificates record achievements and automatically update as each module is passed. ICDL offers a complete solution that caters for all learners, from those with no prior experience of computers to those requiring advanced digital skills.

Fully equipped for digital learning

ICDL offers the digital skills students need to excel and become more productive learners, employees, entrepreneurs and citizens. ICDL is the ideal solution for the digital classroom. A range of modules from our ICDL programmes develop students' digital skills for working on projects and assignments. Interactive eLearning is available on almost all modules and remote testing is available. So students can achieve ICDL certification no matter where they are.


Each learner gains an ICDL Profile certificate when they successfully complete certification tests for one or more modules. ICDL is consistently sought by employers and third level institutions as evidence of digital competence.

Get started with ICDL today. Download our brochure here and visit to learn more about offering ICDL.

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