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IT courses for kids - The benefits

In today’s ever evolving world, technology and IT skills are now more important than ever, and basic computer skills are seen as a bare necessity within the working environment. Introducing kids to technology has many benefits, setting them up with skills for life. There are fantastic options for kids of all ages, with courses in different areas of computing at all levels.

Think about what area of IT your child would be most interested in. Afterall, while it is important to build up skills for future life, learning these skills should be a fun and exciting experience for kids.

Basic Computing

Learning basic computer skills is an important skill for all kids to learn. Computer courses will teach kids how to use Word Processing, allowing them to create, format and print documents themselves. Kids are also taught how to use email - a basic, necessary skill in modern society. Surfing the internet will become an easy task, as they learn how to search and find information quickly.

Having basic computer skills has many benefits:

    • Academic growth
    • Increased opportunity for communication
    • Prepares kids for future computer use
    • Creates awareness of other cultures and lifestyles
    • Increased self esteem and self confidence
    • Improves problem solving skills

Coding and Computer Programming

Coding and computer programming may be the next step for kids who have their basic computer skills down. In the UK, ‘Year of Code’ a non profit campaign, has been created in order to encourage people to learn to code.

Code is the language used to build websites and apps, make games and music, and do much more.

Learning to code allows kids to understand how and why technology works. According to the campaign, nearly 60% of people think learning to code is an important skill for today's job market, and nearly 50% of people would like to learn computer coding. The UK value the skill so highly that plans have been put in place to make computer coding a compulsory module for students up to the age of 16 from September 2014.

Computer programming can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable skill to learn. Computer programmers are currently in short supply, possibly because there are few opportunities to try programming at an early age.

‘Learning to write programmes stretches your mind, helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.’ Says Bill Gates. There are many fantastic reasons to learn computer programming:

    • Will increase future competitiveness for career opportunities
    • Allows kids to get creative with computers
    • Will help with future business ventures
    • It is FUN!

Robot Making

There are now various courses available in robot making; incorporating design, mechanics, electronics and programming into one. Kids will learn as they make their own robots and explore the possibilities of modern technology. Learning about robots will also teach kids about physics, computer science and maths in a stimulating environment.

Learning how robots are made and programmed can be extremely fun and fulfilling for kids, but will also stand to them in the future. According to Kevin Kelly of, before the end of the century, 70 percent of todays occupations will be automated.

Who knows what is held in store for us in the future. Robot doctors? Robot dentists? The possibilities are endless!

App and Game Creation

Kids love to play computer games, with mums and dads often struggling to tear them away from the screens. However, your child's interest in the collection of apps on your smartphone may not be one to discourage. Kids can now learn how to create their own games, apps and animations. Stories have emerged of children who have learnt how to build apps and games, resulting in successful, chart topping apps and substantial cash flows for the budding Zuckerbergs and their families.

While your kids may not necessarily come up with a chart topping app, learning to make their own games and apps can be an enjoyable learning experience, allowing them to express their creativity in a new way.