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Inspire Education

Inspire Education was established to meet the needs of students, their parents/carers/guardians, and teachers. The team comprises experts in training and development, education, and in research and evaluation. We have tested our work in educational interventions and it has also been subjected to independent assessment. All our resources have also been evaluated by students, teachers, and parents.

Drawing on many years of experience working with young people in formal and informal settings, we see the gap between what students need and that which is provided in formal education. This means we are very well versed on their needs.

We fill the gap between the science of learning and the practice of studying. We do this through the design and delivery of study skills seminars that empower students with the knowledge and practical experience of ‘what works’ and why. These are available to all year groups and can be tailored to their needs. In these we focus on learning mindsets and motivation and draw from the latest high-quality research in education and learning. We apply this to practical strategies that cover everything from time management and planning, note-taking, and retrieval, through to coursework, essay writing, exam preparation, wellbeing, and study and revision.

But we also do much more. To compliment these seminars, and to help students take more ownership over their own learning journeys as they progress through formal education, we provide unique, research-led study skills resources with clear instructions and guidance on how to use these. Our comprehensive study packs for Junior and Senior Cycle students set us apart, each taking the student from the start of the study and revision process through to sitting formal assessments.

Our Leaving Cert pack contains eight resources that help students to manage their time, understand and engage with each subject syllabus, create concise and effective notes and to complete retrieval practice (revision) to maximum effect. We also provide accompanying videos.

These items are the Study Skills Guide (160+ pages), Study Mapping Pad (50 sheets), Revision Cards (50 strips), Cornell Note-taking Pad (50 sheets), an A2 Revision Wall Planner (twin pack), Q&A Flashcard Pack (x50), Q&A Card Organiser and A3+ mesh folder. The A2 Wall Planner and Study Skills Guide are accompanied by complimentary explanatory videos, lasting 45 and 15 minutes respectively.

Our Junior Cert pack contains Revision Cards, a Q&A Subject Organiser, Weekly Planners and Pens. These have been tested by and with students.

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