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Junior Einsteins Science Club® and Birthday Parties

Our mission is to nourish a lifelong love of learning through Science in all our children ( 'Junior Einsteins' ), igniting their natural curiosity by providing, exciting, engaging, experimental practical STEM experiences, professionally delivered in a Structured, Safe, Supervised, Educational and Fun environment Through our bespoke science based programmes we develop children’s personal confidence and self-esteem. We promote creative thinking, teamwork, imagination and problem-solving abilities.

We teach them “how to think…. not what to think”, best preparing them for the unpredictability of the future challenges they will face in our constantly changing world.

The ‘Junior Einsteins’ make a variety of pieces to proudly bring home such as a model glider, slime, instruments, rainbow glasses and magic tricks! We aim to correspond to and compliment the national curriculum for science.

Some examples of our clubs are;

* The princpals of flight
* ‘Hair raising’ electricity,
* Making slime,
* How movies are made,
* Light, Wind,
* Sound,
* Optical illusions,
* Kite –making, lava lamps,
* Dinosaur dig,
* Solar system,
* Hovercrafts,
* Smoke cannons,
* Chromatography to name only a few!

At the moment Junior Einsteins Science Club® can run for 6 consecutive school terms ( 2 years) without repeating a single topic! If you would like a Junior Einsteins Science Club or at your school please don't hesitate to call us on 085 8641959.  

Birthday Parties

We come to your home or venue and provide a hands-on , hassle free super science filled party. The children wear white lab coats and goggles and really look like 'Junior Einstains'! The party is suitable for all primary school aged children. We only need an electricity source ( a table would be ideal too) and will clean up and leave your home as we found it.

The usual party includes:

* Slime making ( Long-chain polymerisation , Newtonian & Non-Newtonian fluids)
* Smoke cannons ( Force, Vectors)
* Model gliders ( the principals of flight) & rockets
* Van Der Graff generator & plasma ball maddness!(electricity )
* Coke&Mentos Geyser ( force and nucleation)
* Giant Bubbles/ bubbles on fire ( the physics of bubbles)
* Elephant Toothpaste ( Hydrogen peroxide ,
* Potassium Iodide chemical reaction)

We also provide Dinosaur Digs where the children dress as palaeontologists and using real geological tools, they dig for fossils in our portable dig sites. We also bring a fantastic array of genuine fossils for the children to handle and tell a story to teach the children how items become fossilized.

The parties are 195 euros for 1 & 1/2 hours.

tel: 085 8641959
facebook: @Junior-Einsteins-Science-Club