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Learn4Fun is a new learning health tracker for Primary School children. Using it, parents and children will have peace of mind that the valuable lessons being taught in school are clearly understood.

A First in Ireland!

Learn4Fun is a new service designed to help Primary School children and their parents better track how well lessons taught in school are understood. It is designed by Irish teachers and parents to compliment other feedback parents receive in meetings, report cards, and copybook comments.

Learn4Fun is built for children from 1st to 6th class and utilises frequent bite-size quizzes to check learning progress during the school year. The results from the quizzes are recorded confidentially, and available for parents to review when convenient. The detail helps parents better understand how well their child is learning the lessons taught in school.

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How it Works

Using Learn4Fun, children complete 32 weekly online quizzes during the school year. Parents receive an email reminder when quizzes are published, and children can complete the quiz on any device with internet access.

The quizzes have 6 to 10 multiple-choice questions based on the national curriculum. They cover Maths, English, Irish and SESE (science, geography, history) to effectively determine progress in a range of areas

The results from each quiz are recorded securely for parents to review later, and include an anonymous peer-group benchmark score, so parents can see how well their children are doing relative to others.

Benefit to Parents

Parents rely on parent-teacher meetings, periodic school and state assessments, and copy-book records. These are beneficial, but sometimes the detail is forgotten and misplaced, or it is not clear enough well learning is actually progressing.

Learn4Fun offers easy access to a record of learning broken down by subject that compliments feedback received from other sources. For busy families, Learn4Fun provides a tracking system that makes it clear what is going well and where some additional attention may be required.

For a parent, Learn4Fun can provide peace of mind their child’s Primary School learning is on track.

Benefit to Children

All Learn4fun quizzes are designed to be fun. They are colourful and include visual aids for ease of understanding. They are also easy to use and safe, and do not necessitate parental supervision.

Completing the quizzes on a regular basis helps children demonstrate what they’ve learned in school and become familiar with the concept of continuous assessment. The big benefit for children though is that their parents are better placed to support them as they go through the Primary School cycle.

Irish Business

Learn4Fun is an Irish Company formed in 2020 by a group of Teaching and IT professionals. We’ve worked in schools and with technology for many years and were inspired to create Learn4Fun from our own experiences with our children. We want to help them and all children to know that they’ve learned it!

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