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Leaving Certificate Appeals 2021

Leaving Certificate 2021 Appeals Dates

The appeals process will open for applications from 9 am on Saturday 11th September and students will be able to access it via the Candidate Self Service Portal

Prior to the opening of the Appeals Application Process, students will have been able to access the subject percentage marks they were awarded by the Calculated Grades process and the estimated percentage marks provided by their schools from Friday 7 th September and will have been able to apply to view scripts - see important dates below. Candidates may choose to appeal either examination results, Accredited Grades or both

Students will have until 12pm on Monday 13th September to submit an appeal.
There is no fee for Appeal Applications this year

Appeals Process

It is open to a candidate to appeal his/her examination results and/or Accredited Grades.

Requesting a Review of Accredited Grades
  • Checks will be undertaken to ensure that the intended information was recorded correctly by the school and that the information was transferred correctly into the data collection system
  • While students can view teachers' estimated marks, they cannot challenge them. The review process involves (Stage 1) checking that marks and ranking provided by the teachers were entered correctly and transferred correctly to the Department of Education’s national standardisation process. This involves (Stage 2) a review to ensure that the data was correctly received in the Department of Education’s national standardisation process and their Accredited grade model. If the student remains unhappy with the outcome after stages 1 and 2 they can (Stage 3) request a review by Independent Appeal Scrutineers. But even at this stage, the estimated percentage mark provided by the teacher cannot be reviewed.

    The highest grade will be the one showing in the final leaving certificate. This means that there is no risk of lowering the grades by sitting the exams. Students who remain unhappy with the process can also turn to the Office of the Ombudsman, or in the case of students under 18 years of age, to the Ombudsman for Children.

Appealing Marked Scripts

An appeal of your written examinations script is where you ask for the script to be re-marked. It is generally recommended (though not essential) that you apply to view your exam scripts before applying for an Appeal. Appeal Applications should be made using the online Appeals Application Service on the Candidate Self-Service Portal. The Appeals Application Process will be available on the Portal from 9am on 11th September and will close for applications at 12pm on 13th September. When logged into the system, candidates will be able to see all examinations that they sat and will be able to tick the 'Appeal' box for any subjects they wish to appeal.

Appeal Results

It is expected that Appeal Results will be issued in mid-October. After the appeals results are issued, candidates are entitled to view their scripts again, including the responses recorded by the appeal examiner. If the candidate is still unhappy with their grade and feels that they should have received a higher one, they can appeal to a panel of Independent Appeal Scrutineers. The candidate can then raise concerns regarding the marking of their paper/s with the panel.

If your results change on appeal and your new points score mean you are entitled to a place on a course, you will receive an offer. However, if all the places on the course have already been filled, you will receive a deferred offer for the following year.

View Examinations Commission Results
& Appeals Guide

Important Dates

3rd September - 10am - Issue of results to students & schools
7th Sept - CAO Round 1 offers issued to students
7th Sept- 5pm - Student Portal re-opens providing additional data on student grades
7th Sept- 5pm - Applications to View Scripts Opens
8th Sept- 8pm - Applications to View Scripts Closes
11th Sept - Viewing of Scripts
11th Sep - Appeals Application Process Opens 9am
13th Sept- Appeals Application Process Closes 12pm
13th Sept - 3pm - Acceptance cut off for Round 1 CAO Offers
20th Sept - CAO Round 2 offers issued to students

22nd Sept - 12pm - Acceptance cut off for Round 2 CAO Offers