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Leaving Certificate Appeals 2022

Leaving Certificate 2022 Appeals Dates

Applications to appeal your Leaving Certificate 2022 results will open on Saturday, 10th September at 9am and close on Monday, 12 September at 12 noon. In order to make an appeal application, you should use the online Appeals Application Service on the Candidate Self Service Portal
The Examinations Commission has not yet announced the Appeals Results date. There is no appeal fee for the 2022 appeals process for written examinations. The SEC automatically informs the CAO of all changes of results following the appeals process.

Appeals Process

It is open to a candidate to appeal his/her examination results.

Appealing Marked Scripts

An appeal of your written examinations script is where you ask for the script to be re-marked. It is generally recommended (though not essential) that you apply to view your exam scripts before applying for an Appeal. Appeal Applications should be made using the online Appeals Application Service on the Candidate Self-Service Portal.

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with details of the subjects of the examinations that you sat. To apply for an appeal, you should tick the ‘Appeal’ box across from the subject(s) you choose to appeal and complete the online appeal application.  This application will be the same for all scripts whether marked manually or online.

An Appeal Confirmation form will be emailed to you and you should ensure the details on this are correct as late appeals will not be accepted under any circumstances. Dates of results of appeals are yet to be confirmed.

Your script will be sent to an appeal examiner for re-marking. This will not be the same person who originally marked your work. The same marking scheme is used for re-marking. This means that appeal examiners apply the same standards in re-marking as were applied to all candidates in the original examination.

Rectification outside of the appeal process
If you have viewed your script and believe there is a clear discrepancy between the mark awarded and the subsequent grade awarded, you also have means of redress. You should ask the Organising Superintendent at the viewing session for a Rectification Outside of the Appeal Process Form (Form ROAP1). This rectification service applies only where it is clear that the total mark is inconsistent with the grade awarded and where this matter can be resolved administratively

Appeal Results

Dates that Appeal Results will be issued has not yet been confirmed. After the appeals results are issued, candidates are entitled to view their scripts again, including the responses recorded by the appeal examiner. If the candidate is still unhappy with their grade and feels that they should have received a higher one, they can appeal to a panel of Independent Appeal Scrutineers. The candidate can then raise concerns regarding the marking of their paper/s with the panel.

View Examinations Commission Results
& Appeals Guide

Important Dates

2nd September - 10am - Issue of results to students & schools
6th Sept- 12pm - Student Portal re-opens providing additional data on student grades
6th Sept- 5pm - Applications to View Scripts Opens
7th Sept- 8pm - Applications to View Scripts Closes
8th Sept - 2pm - CAO Round 1 offers issued
10th Sept - 9am - Viewing of Scripts
10th Sept - 9am - Appeals Application Process Opens
12thSept- 12pm - Appeals Application Process Closes
14th Sept - 3pm - Acceptance cut off for Round 1 CAO Offers
19th Sept - CAO Round 2 offers issued to students

21st Sept - 3pm - Acceptance cut off for Round 2 CAO Offers