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Changes to Leaving Certificate Results 2019

There will be a number of changes to how the Leaving Certificate results are issued this year including date changes and new procedures for the Applications to View Scripts and for the Appeals procedure. A summary of the main changes are set out below with links to further information.
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#1 Leaving Certificate results will be available in schools as normal and at the earlier time of 10am on through the new Candidate Self Service Portal 2019

#2 The Self Service Portal is being introduced for the first time this year to facilitate the earlier issue of the Leaving Certificate Appeals. Students must register on the portal using a Pin Number provided by their school

#3 As well as providing access to results online it will also allow students to apply to view scripts, to access component marks, to view your scripts in subjects that are being marked online this year, to make an appeal application and to access your appeal results.

#4 The SEC will provide two Viewing of Scripts services this year: in schools for subjects marked on paper and online for subjected marked online. Applications for both must be made online through the Candidate Serf Service Portal by 5pm on Friday 16th August.

#5 Candidates who applied to view scripts marked online will be provided online access to view the scripts over the same times and dates above.


#1 Leaving Certificate results will issue a day earlier than in previous years. This year’s results will issue on 13th August 2019 at 10am online

#2 While the results will be available online on 13th August, access to component marks, e.g. breakdown between Paper 1 & 2 and Practical Course work, won't be available online until the following day 14th August.

#3 Candidate who apply to view scripts marked on paper will be notified by their school of the review time between 5pm on 20th August and 5pm on 21st August. At the assigned Viewing of Scripts session, you will be able to make a copy of your script(s), using your own mobile phone, tablet or digital camera to capture images of your script(s). Candidates who applied to view scripts marked online will be provided online access to view the scripts over the same times and dates above and will have a timed three hour session. 

#4 Students deciding to appeal a result must submit their appeal through the Candidate Self Service Portal between 5pm Friday 16th August and 5pm Thursday 22nd August. Should you decide to appeal any of the online marked subjects, you will have the opportunity as part of the appeal application to complete a ‘Candidate Observation form’ (AP1).

#5 The appeal results will be available online ONLY through the Candidate Serf Service Portal in the week ending Friday 20th September 2019

#6 Round one CAO offers will also issue earlier than in previous years on 15th August 2019 at 2pm online. Offers by email and SMS text. No postal offers

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