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Making Father's Day special

Fun for all the family!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time for kids and partners to get their thinking caps on and begin to organise something special for all the lovely dads out there. Planning the day can be a fun activity for both you and your kids and with a little thought, the dads in your life will be left feeling great after their day in the spotlight! While store bought gifts are an option, a homemade gift is always sure to make a father smile. Kids love arts and crafts and they would love making something special for their dad.

Personalised gifts for dad

#1 Kids love to paint and get their hands messy - a finger painting or simple drawing is a lovely gift for dads on Father’s Day.

#2 You can help your kids to write a poem or a story for their dad. Kids have a knack for coming up with the funniest of storylines and this will be sure to get a few laughs out of even the most stressed-out of dads.

#3 A customised mouse mat is the perfect gift for fathers who work in an office or from home and need a little decoration on their desk. Kids will enjoy picking photos and decorating this gift for their dad.

#4 Even the youngest of kids can manage this one - collect some stones on the beach or in the garden and let your kids get creative with paint and glitter to create a personalised paperweight for their dad.
#5 Have your kids collect some photos of themselves and their dad at various stages throughout their lives. Organise the photos into a photo album and decorate the front for an even more personalised feel.

#6 Cute bookmarks are a great gift to make for a dad who loves to read at night. This way, he will be reminded of his kids each and every night before going to sleep. Through the addition of photos or little notes, this gift can be turned into a meaningful keepsake for dad.

#7 For the coffee or tea addicted father, kids can decorate plain ceramic mugs with ceramic paint pens (available in most craft stores.) This allows your kids to get creative with their designs, and their dad will be sure to appreciate the effort they put into them.

Making Father’s Day Special

Ensure that Dad feels relaxed on Father’s Day. Relieve him of his chores for the day and maybe let him spend a few more hours in bed! Plan an activity for the family to do together. Busy dads will enjoy simply spending time with their nearest and dearest. Organise a picnic, go for a walk, visit a museum. Pick an activity that he will enjoy, but also that your kids will be interested in. Happy, uncomplaining children will be the best gift of all!

At the end of the day, if your kids aren’t already wiped of all energy, allow them to help to prepare a meal for their dad. They will feel that they have been involved in the day from beginning to end and the extra hands may even be a welcome addition to the dinner making process!