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Mechatrons Robotics Workshops:
Delivering Quality STEM Education for Over 15 Years

0818 229 555

Ages 12-17

Founded on a commitment to providing enriching robotics education, Mechatrons has steadily offered comprehensive workshops for over 15 years. Our goal is simple: to impart valuable skills and foster a genuine interest in STEM subjects.

 Seasoned and Knowledgeable Instructors:

At the heart of our workshops are our dedicated world class roboticists. Drawing from decades of both academic study and hands-on field experience, they ensure each session is informative, relatable, and engaging.

 Diverse Educational Offerings: 

Recognising the unique learning stages and needs of students, we've tailored our content to cater to a wide range of academic levels. From the Junior Cycle and Transition Year to JCSP, LCA Programmes, and even Senior Primary Classes, we strive to make robotics accessible and interesting for all.

 Well-Equipped, Flexible Workshops:

Schools can trust in our preparation. We provide all the necessary equipment and materials for a seamless learning experience. Moreover, understanding the dynamic nature of school schedules, we offer flexible timings — from full-day immersive sessions to multiple shorter sessions spread across the day.

Understanding the Significance of Robotics in Education:

    1. Holistic STEM Approach: Robotics is a unique field that bridges various STEM subjects, providing students with a hands-on and integrative learning experience.
    2. Critical Thinking and Collaboration: Through the challenges and tasks in our workshops, students hone their problem-solving abilities and learn the importance of teamwork
    3. Staying Current: As technology continues to shape our world, gaining foundational knowledge in robotics helps students stay relevant and informed.

    Expanding Horizons: Evening & Weekend Classes in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin:

    For individuals keen on delving deeper or exploring new tech avenues, our facility in Rathcoole offers evening and weekend classes. Covering robotics, Arduino, and 3D printing, these sessions are crafted to suit both enthusiastic teens and adults eager to learn.

    Contact Mechatrons today and take a leap into the future of education. Together, we'll shape the innovators, thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow.

    Book Your Workshop Today!
    For inquiries, contact us at 0818 229 555 or email us at

    Empower. Educate. Innovate. That's the Mechatrons promise.