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Packing for the Gaeltacht Trip

Hints and Tips

The joyful Gaeltacht trip is fast approaching and along with it, the promise of lots of fun, mixed weather, beaches and the craic. Many kids will want to go just for their friends, but they're sure to accidentally learn some Irish! For many parents, the run up to this big important trip in your child's life can be a big experience in itself, then there's the packing!

Never fear, we here at have compiled the very best hints and tips for all your gaelgóir’s packing needs, just one less thing for you to worry about.

1. Clothing = Layers

T shirts, hoodies, fleece, jeans, trackie bottoms, shorts,( forever optimistic with the weather) swimwear and water proof jacket, optimistic but prepared! Undies, socks, pjs and don’t forget something special for the big night out. Roll clothes when packing, saves space and also deters creasing.

2. Making Memories

We all know the Gaeltacht rules with mobile phones, most Bean an Tí allow one hour per day. Don’t let your gaelgóir lose out on the special moments, go retro and let them make memories with a disposable camera. If they would like instant pics, Fuji's Instax is pretty cool.

3. Towels.

Micro light towels are fantastic space savers and quick drying too. Check out Decathlon online. Robies are also fantastic for getting changed outdoors.

4. Toiletries

Aerosols are not permitted so pack a deodorant stick. Dry shampoo will be a saviour and face wipes are great to have in the bag too and lastly don’t forget sun cream.

5. Water flask

Keeping hydrated is super important especially with all the fantastic activities. Personalised water flasks are a great idea, and they can save any mix ups. Make sure you get something sturdy, though, nothing worse than a broken water bottle ruining everything in your bag! Sports bottles can be good, as they are often made of durable plastic. Other good options can be metal with a tight closing mechanism.

6. Writing Paper & Stamps

Many Irish colleges still encourage the students to write home weekly so if you want to be in with a chance of getting a letter or two, it's a good idea to include some writing paper and some envelopes with the stamps already on them!

7. Pocket Money

The amount will vary from student to student however it is advised not to bring large sums. On most trips, there is an opportunity to stop on the way to the Gaeltacht and there are usually small shops in the Gaeltacht, perfect for the sweet stash! Cash not being used during the day should be left in the care of the Bean an Tí.

Also give a little thought to preparing your child for how often you plan to visit them as many expect their parents to visit each weekend which isn't always feasible. If they are going with a friend, maybe arrange with the friend's parents that you would visit alternative weekends and take each other’s child out with your own. Going to Irish College is a rite of passage for many Irish teenagers and an experience which most look back on with great memories.

Don't worry if it takes your child a little while to settle in, most don't want to come home after the first week. If you're worried your child might be homesick, make sure to read our article on Homesickness, here.

Have you suggestions for parents as to what their kids should bring to Irish College - add them to our comments section below!


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