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Parent School Feedback and School Profiling Initiatives on


When we set up back in 2006, one of our objectives was to try and provide parents with a range of information on individual primary and secondary schools around Ireland. Parents can view school contact details, student numbers, links to inspector reports, college progression data etc. We also provide a facility where parents can post comments or ask questions. However, over time we have noticed that while parents are constantly posting on our site looking for feeback on individual schools, the level of respondents is low as parents are concerned that their responses will identify them.

We have conducted some research amongst parents, including a survey on information they would like about secondary schools, and in response is implementing a new initiatives to help provide parents with the information they are looking for - the ‘Parent School Feedback’ Initiative .

The 'Parent School Feedback' Initiative

The Parent School Feedback initiative allows parents to provide feedback on aspects of their child’s school at primary or secondary level. By sharing your views, you will be assisting other parents and also providing useful insights for the schools.

The feedback format is similar to the UK Ofsted survey but includes additional questions related to the Irish education system at secondary level. Participants in the survey are not identified in the results displayed. Use the link on the right to view a sample Feedback Form.

  • Results will be displayed as a summary of overall respondents and will not be attributed to individuals. View how results will be displayed

  • A minimum of two survey responses must be received for any individual school before any response statistics will be displayed for the school on the site

  • Newly completed responses will be reviewed before being included in statistics displayed.

  • Where ‘optional comments’ have been provided by respondents, they may be displayed at the discretion of the site but will not be attributed to individual respondents.

How to provide Feedback for your child's school(s)

To complete the Feedback Form, you must register on the site which requires that you provide an email address and password. This is to help prevent misuse of the site and individual respondents will not be identified in any way when displaying survey response statistics. Details of participants email addresses will not be provided to any third party.

Note that once you register on the site you will also be able to participate in our online Discussion Forums, surveys, comment on news stories and receive updates on specific schools. Care should therefore be taken when selecting a 'User Name' on registration as usernames are displayed beside posts/comments and you may not wish to be identifiable if you decide at some stage to participate in discussion forums or join a school network.

For this reason, when registering to complete the survey, it may be more appropriate to select a user name such as 'Buttercup123' or 'Mumof7' etc rather than using your own name.

To Take Part

  • Register

  • Login

  • Find your School

  • Click on the
    'Parent Survey' Link

  • If you are already registered on our site, to complete the questionnaire, login and go to your schools’ profile page on our site and click. Once logged in, to find your school on our site click either on 'Find a primary school' or 'Find a secondary school' and follow the different links. When you are on your school's page, click on 'Parents Survey' on the left-hand school menu to commence the questionnaire.

    Useful Tip - When on an individual school's page you will see an option to 'Follow the School' in the left hand menu. By availing of this facility. each time you visit, you will be able to quickly visit the schools you are interested in by clicking on the 'My Schools' link which appears above the blue pencil on the homepage when logged in.