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Piano Academy of Ireland

Classes during term-time

3 yrs+

Fees paid each term

Varied prices

Run by international husband and wife team Rhona Gouldson and Dr. Archie Chen, the Piano Academy of Ireland is currently accepting new students for online piano tuition

Having successfully brought their 10th National Piano Festival online in March due to the Covid 19 outbreak, the Rathgar-based school swiftly and effectively transitioned their lessons online with the help of their professional team of tech savvy music tutors. Lessons are available for adults and children ( 6yrs+) and are carried out via online platforms such as Zoom or Skype, the approach being tailored to the students specific needs.

Once Level 5 restrictions have been lifted those who favour in-person lessons can rest assured that the Academy is fully compliant with all Covid-19 safely requirements and full information can be found here on their website. Enrollment information can be found here.

Intensive Leaving Cert Music course:

This online course taught twice a week by the award -winning Jim Murphy, is designed to prepare students studying music for the Leaving Cert outside of school and also to provide additional support to those studying it as a subject in school. The course covers all core aspects of the two written papers examined for Leaving Certificate Music.

‘#Sharp Kids’ Online Music theory classes for children:

This fun & lively introduction to music for children aged 6 to 8 is designed to activate links between children’s ears, minds and bodies - through listening, singing, and movement. Ideal for both beginner piano students or enjoyed as a stand alone class. The well-loved tutor Dr. David Coonan provides a quality & fun learning environment, actively engaging with the children in learning and in loving their music!

The Piano Academy is dedicated to inspiring and motivating students of all ages through music education and performance, enabling them to shine through music and in turn contribute to humanity. With teachers who cater to each student and their needs, there is a place at the Piano Academy of Ireland for all to explore this beautiful instrument.

Keep the kids busy this Summer with a lesson bundle - starting at only 99e !

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71B Brighton Road, Rathgar, D06 497