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Ripcoder Coding Club for Kids and Teens

Weekday Evenings & Sat morns

4 - 17 years

Fees paid each 4 weeks

Class laptops provided

From writing Minecraft Mods, building robots, developing 3D, multiplayer & VR games, designing and publishing websites, Ripcoder Club makes coding fun.

Our students are taught by teachers who have both professional programming expertise and the ability to teach, to explain difficult concepts in a language that kids can easily grasp. Our specially developed project-based curriculum is design to be fun, fundamental and usually a little funny. Because we know that kids learn best when they are having fun. We focus on kid-focused, playful & often whimsical projects designed to foster in our students a huge sense of achievement.

Ripcoder is a coding club for KIDS 6 to 17, located in Monkstown and Dun Laoghaire. For the little ones, there is Pick-N-Mix that gives Ripcoder kids the chance to see what technologies they like. It's a smorgasbord and they get to sample a little bit of everything. They will use code to turn on lights. Build a game. They will make a webpage, use graphic design tools to do some pretty amazing art & Learn to do amazing animation. Everyday is a sweet surprise in Pick-N-Mix. And Itchy and Scratch-E, our fun and silly scratch projects. Playful Processing teaches the basic of Java in an immediate, visual and often quite beautiful way. Tweens code Mods in Minecraft. An awesome environment to learn to code. Develop websites in Wild Wild Web.

Teens and tweens mix engineering and coding to Build Robots and other cool automation projects in 4 Robots and a Light Box. Or develop 3D VR Multiplayer games.


Monkstown & Dun Laoghaire