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The assistive technology company Scanning Pens has spent the last 15 years working to refine their products. Recognition of the company’s diligence was recently earned when the ExamReader, one of the products helping thousands of students, was highly commended in the Digital Devices Category of the coveted Bett Awards 2019. The scanners use text-to-speech technology that reads back in a clear voice that students can us to improve their comprehension when reading.

Following the successful introduction of the reformed RACE scheme in 2017, the structure of the scheme for 2018 was largely unchanged. Further enhancements to the scheme in 2018 were the provision of access to an exam reading pen and digital coursework booklets. The SEC continues to explore the broader use of assistive technology as well as being open to considering applications to use alternative types of assistive technology. The structure of the 2019 scheme remains unchanged.

The Reader Pen

The ReaderPen comes with further features compared to the ExamReader, to help improve the classroom experience for students. A study from Bath Spa University found that “72% of participants felt their reading had improved”. With the help of the in-built dictionary and scan-to-file features, as well as the voice recorder, the ReaderPen is the perfect audio support for struggling readers.

Sign up for your 30 day free trial, available to all schools, colleges, and universities, on their website at Scanning Pens also provides a variety of tips and support you can access for free and blogs with some great tips that you can find at

The ExamReader

A great alternative to a human reader, the ExamReader provides students a strategy to develop their independent reading skills while building their confidence. The distributor of this remarkable assistive tech, Scanning Pens, aims to reduce exam anxiety struggling readers face, using the ExamReader to level the playing field. The pen reads scanned text aloud so secondary students can reach their potential in exams.

Increased attainment, developing vocabulary, and improved literacy are just a few of the many benefits that come with using the ExamReader. This pen has ensured thousands of Irish students have reached their potential in exams. Sign up for a 30 day free trial, available to all schools, colleges, and universities, on their website at

A student from Fingal Community School stated:
“I used the ExamReader during my summer tests. I was in a separate centre and would normally have a reading assistant, with the pen, I didn’t need the help of the reader I could complete the tests using my pen.”

Not Just for the Students - Great Savings for Schools!

It’s not the just the students that benefit, schools can save thousands with the ExamReader! The SEC recognises and encourages the ExamReader as a way for students to independently access examinations as an alternative accommodation for a reading assistant. On the following link, find the SEC guidelines where they mention allowing access to the ExamReader: VIEW HERE!