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Fundraising for your School during a Pandemic!

Social distancing and lockdowns during the current Pandemic have affected us in different ways. While most of our schools have re-opened, opportunities to bring groups together for fundraising activities for your school are very limited. One possibility if your are on the School's Parents Association, is to co-ordinate some Sponsorship Activities that Parents, Kids or Families can do from home to raise funds for the school.

How to organise the fundraiser.

#1 Send out a list of possible challenges to Families (see some examples below)
#2 Provide a sample sponsorship card or ask that they set up a Fundraising page for their challenge, e.g. , iDonate and iFundraise.
#3 Make sure you ask the families to register/notifiy you of the challenge they are undertaking and request links to any Fundraising pages set up
#4 Suggest they let their Friends & Family know about their challenge and seek sponsorhip
#5 Maybe suggest that families submit photos or short videos of themselves completing their challenges and some could be shared online if you have a school Facebook page (with the participants permission of course!

Some challenges listed below might be suitable for families or family members to undertake as family groups or online with some friends. We're sure your School's Committee could come up with lots more ideas for challenges - let us know of any good ideas you have by posting them in the comments below so that other schools can avail of your ideas!

A Family Run, Jog or Walk 5km

While a 5km walk is achievable for most families a 5 km run might take a little bit more preparation so families can choose the activity that is appropriate depending on their age ranges and level of fitness. If it is a family group undertaking the challenge, suggest changing the distance to 2.5km and to make it more fun, include a dress up theme.

Grow or shave a Beard!

This one is mainly for the men in the family! Now is a good time to sport a Beard (or shave one if you've been growing it all summer). If the Dad in the household is up for it, get him to grow or shave a beard and seek sponsorship for the challenge. The kids can enjoy taking photos of the resulting clean or hairy face to prove the challenge has been completed.

Spelling Bee

A Spelling Bee is a competition where contestants are asked to spell words. They provide a great way for students to learn new words and raise money at the same time.

The competition standard can be set to suit primary or secondary school students. Groups of different families could group together for this challenge and organise a zoom competition with an entrance /participant fee. Set a date and create a Zoom call and let the spelling fun begin!

Home Quiz

Instead of a Table/Pub Quiz, why not organise a School Zoom Quiz. Depending on the size of the school and number of families, it could be scaled to have a Family Zoom Quiz for each year group. Families could pay a participation fee with a prize for the winning family. With a little google searching you'll find lots of great articles on how to organise online quizzes - for example it's better for the quiz master to use a presentation and share there screen so that they can do picture rounds, music rounds etc. Some thought also needs to be given to how you collect the answers but there's lots of great advice and suggestions to be found online

A Sponsored Read

"The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives" Matilda by Roald Dahl.

So whatever size your house is, there is always room for a little bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Gangsta Granny, or even The Philosopher's Stone.
Provide sponsorship cards to the students and encourage them to seek sponsorship to read a certain amount of books over a term



(01/10/2020 16:18)

Fitter Younger provide an excellent full school fundraising event called the School Marathon Relay. It was a huge success recently for St Brides Ps Belfast, a school with almost 900 pupils. All social distancing protocols were adhered to and the pupils had a great time. You can see more information on

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