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The Story Game


Can be adapted to suit all ages.

Things you'll need:

No Materials Needed!

This hilariously random and creative game is sure to be a big hit with any age group!

Aim of the Game:

The aim is quite simple: just have fun and tell a great story!

How to Play:

Start the story yourself to get the ball rolling. Use a short sentence, an action would work well, i.e: "I made tea". The story then rolls over to the next passenger who will add a short descriptive element to the story, i.e: " I made my way to the kitchen to make tea" and the story gets longer and more complex with each passenger's input. You will be amazed by the imagination of your students! Record the story and reread at the end of the journey.

The Prize:

There is no real competitive side of this game. It's just a fun way to pass the time!

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