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- A Pain in the Back!

Schoolbags can be a pain in the back literally. Carrying a schoolbag is often associated with pain or discomfort and can lead to poor posture. Parents regularly express concern about the amount and weight of schoolbooks being carried by young children and teenagers. However some of the effects can be greatly decreased if attention is paid to the following:

Choice of Schoolbag

Choose a schoolbag that can be carried on the back, which has a padded back, adjustable shoulder straps and waist strap. Make sure the bag is the correct size for the child as one which is too large will hit against their bottom as they walk

Contents of the Schoolbag

As a general rule of thumb, a child should not carry more than 10% of his/her own bodyweight. Monitor your young child’s schoolbag and if they seem to be carrying excessive amounts check with their teacher if the child needs to carry the items in and out each day.

Schoolbag lifting and carriage

Encourage your child to put their bag on a surface and then with their back to it to put their arms through the strap – they should avoid swinging the bag around to get it on their back. A schoolbag worn on the back over both shoulders promotes better posture and requires less effort then one carried on one should or in one hand.