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Source of Schools Data on

Data displaying on on school student numbers, addresses, school open/closures, Principals names etc is initially sourced through and copyright of the Department of Education. Additonal information on schools including changes to emails, websites, phone numbers are notified to us directly by schools and parents. If you wish to notify us of a change to the information, click on the 'Update Us' link which appears in the left hand column of any school page. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information displayed, data on personnel, email addresses etc is constantly changing and cannot certify that the information is up-to-date or error free.

Pupil Teacher Ratio Figures

The pupil teacher ratio figures as displayed on the website are calculated by dividing the total full time enrolment in a school as of 30th September in a given academic year by the number of full time equivalent mainstream class teachers in the same year (excludes non-teaching admin principals & resource/support teachers)

About the College Progression Data on

We currently opt not to provide on an overall list ranking schools throughout Ireland based on college progression levels. Instead we provide progression information in respect of individual schools on each secondary school’s profile page on our site. Data is displayed for the last 9 years including the latest data for college admissions in Autumn 2018. To understand more about how to find this information on the site click here.

Information on numbers sitting the Leaving Cert and College Places were provided by the Examinations Commission and the assorted governing bodies of the 3rd Level institutions. The colleges advise that the schools' data is provided for administrative purposes and that they cannot stand over the accuracy of the information if used for any other purposes. Data for the following colleges is available on our site for the last 5 years


  • University College Dublin
  • UCD
  • Dublin City University
  • DCU
  • Trinity College
  • TCD
  • University of Limerick
  • UL
  • Maynooth University
  • Maynooth Uni
  • NUI Galway
  • NUIG
  • University College Cork
  • UCC
  • Athlone Institute of Technology
  • AIT
  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • Cork IT
  • Dundalk Institute of Technology
  • Dundalk
  • Dun Laoghaire Institute of Technology
  • IADT
  • Galway – Mayo Institute of Technology
  • Galway Mayo
  • Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown
  • Blanchardstown
  • Institute of Technology, Carlow
  • Carlow IT
  • Institute of Technology, Sligo
  • Sligo
  • Institute of Technology, Tallaght
  • Tallaght
  • Institute of Technology, Tralee
  • Tralee
  • Limerick Institute of Technology
  • LIT
  • Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  • Letterkenny
  • Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Waterford

Data for the following colleges are shown from 2011 onwards only.


  • Royal College of Surgeons
  • Royal College of Surgeons
  • Mary Immaculate College
  • MIC
  • St Patricks College Drumcondra (included in DCU stats from 2015)
  • St Patricks Institute
  • NCAD
  • National College of Art & Design
  • National College of Ireland
  • National College of Ireland
  • Church of Ireland College of Education (included in DCU stats from 2016)
  • Church of Ireland College
  • Marino Institute of Education
  • Marino Institute
  • Mater Dei Institute (included in DCU stats from 2015)
  • Mater Dei
  • Froebel College of Education (figures merged in with NUI Maynooth from 2013)
  • Froebel College
  • St Angela's College Sligo
  • St Angela's
  • Tipperary Institute (merged into Limerick Institute of Technology 2011)
  • Tipperary
  • University of Ulster
  • Uni of Ulster
  • Queens University, Belfast
  • Queens

Note that the data does not include those many school-leavers who went into courses such as PLC or apprenticeships, many of the private colleges or those who went to study in Britain with UCAS

Leaving Certificate Sits - this data is provided by the State Examinations Commission and includes details of every school with 10 or more Leaving Certificate students. The 2018 Leaving Cert figures do not include external candidates sitting in individual schools. It should be noted that sometimes the number who progressed to college will appear greater than the number who sat the leaving cert. This anomaly arises because in many cases the data provided from the universities/colleges also includes repeat students. It is also important to note that the data does not include information on students who may have progressed to colleges or universities outside of the Republic of Ireland or those who many have taken up apprenticeships or PLC courses


These Intitutions below provide for the following notes to be read in conjunction with their statistics for enrolments in 2018

University of Limerick

Point of Clarification
The data as supplied by the Central Applications Office reflects ALL institutions where a candidate sat the Leaving Certificate.  Accordingly, it is essential when publishing the enclosed information that you include the following statement:
This schools data originates at the State Examinations Commission.  It is forwarded to the Central Applications Office, who forwards it to the Higher Education Institutes.  As the data is provided to the university for particular administrative purposes, the university cannot stand over the accuracy of the data if it is used for any other purpose.  Prior to 2004/05 the data showed only the second level institution where candidates first sat the Leaving Certificate and did not show the institution in which candidates repeated the examination.  The second level institution indicated in that data, did not, therefore, necessarily reflect the second level institution from which students were admitted to the university.  For the year 2018/’19, the data includes every institution in which a candidate sat the examination.  The data will not therefore reflect the number of incoming students in 2017 to the university, because in cases where, for example, a candidate sat the examination twice, that candidate will appear as a statistic under both institutions and be doubly entered in the data.   The data therefore represents the number of examinations taken, rather than the number of entrants to the university.

University College Cork

The schools data is released in the form in which it is currently held in University College Cork's Student Information System. The data is supplied by the CAO for particular administrative purposes and the University cannot stand over the reliability of the data if used for other purposes. The school data has not been verified with each individual student and excludes mature students and Non-EU students. The data refers to all schools where the student sat a Leaving Certificate Examination.

Trinity College, Dublin

The data provided by Trinity College only contains details of the school directly relevant to the admission of the individual student, ie. the school attended by the student in the year that they sat the Leaving Certificate examination on the basis of which they were admitted to the University.   The information provided should therefore be referenced at all times as the LAST school that new entrants in 2018/19 sat their Leaving Certificate examination.

University College Dublin

This schools data originates at the State Examinations Commission. It is forwarded to the Central Applications Office, who forward it to the Higher Education Institutes. As the data is provided to the university for particular administrative purposes, the university cannot stand over the accuracy of the data if it is used for any other purpose.

The data in this table includes every institution in which a candidate sat the examination, even if only for one subject.

Therefore, the data will not reflect the number of incoming students to the university, because in cases where, for example, a candidate sat the examination twice, that candidate will appear as a statistic under both institutions and be doubly entered in the data. The double counting occurs even where the candidate repeated the examination in the institution where he or she first sat the examination.


The data was extracted from data supplied by the CAO. It does include students who repeated their leaving certs but we cannot quantify this from the data provided by the CAO.


This data, originating at the State Examinations Commission is transmitted to NUI, Galway via the Central Applications Office for particular administrative purposes. Accordingly, the University cannot stand over the completeness of the data if it is used for other purposes. Leaving Cert re-sits are included in these figures.


Includes repeat leaving cert students. Data based on school of origin rather than repeat school year.


The data is in respect of 1st year intake, including repeats, by school of origin


It is not possible for us to extract from our data which of the students are repeat leaving certificate students.


Where a student has repeated their Leaving Certificate it is the latest school that is given.


The information that we have does not specify whether the incoming students are Repeat Leaving Certificate students or not, as this information is not supplied to us by the CAO.


This information is extracted from a CAO net acceptance file for ITB. These figures will include any repeat leaving certificate students. If an applicant has multiple LCE sittings they are counted multiple times.


Repeat students not included


It includes all schools attended and students repeating their Leaving Certificate.


The information pertains to where students sat the Leaving Certificate so in some instances, where the student has sat the Leaving Cert more than once either in the same place or at another school, it is counted.


The information is including repeat certificate students.


It includes students who repeated the leaving certificate. Data based on the last school where student sat leaving cert


Data no longer provided separately from Autumn 2015 as now integrated into DCU


Data no longer provided separately from Autumn 2016 as now integrated into DCU. Prior to 2016 information provided for those students entering the B.Ed directly from school and who gave permission for their anonymised data to be released to the media.


The data refers to all RCSI courses, all nett acceptances and all schools mentioned.


The data is derived from SEC examination information on CAO files provided to the College. This data is NOT designed for the purpose of producing league tables and it is not suitable for this purpose. There can be many reasons that corrections will be made to data that is derived from examination information during the season, as data is corrected/updated. This information includes all LCE sittings for each applicant.


A breakdown of students was not provided by the University of Ulster for 2018/19.


The information may include repeat leaving certificate


The Feeder Schools list (of CAO entrants) is compiled on the last school i.e. the one in which the entrant sat the Leaving Cert that yielded the points for the offer/place. makes every effort to ensure the data is accurate as provided by the State Examinations commission and by the indivdiual institutions but errors may arise in some cases or data may be updated by colleges after it has been provided to Notification of errors should be addressed to