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Sports for Schools Fundraising initiative for your School

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Inspiring Olympic athlete visits & sports events for schools and children! We challenge, surprise & excite kids to lead a fulfilling and healthy life. Sports for Schools brings the country’s top Athletes into primary schools to inspire children across Ireland to get involved in sport.

Sports for Schools runs inspiring fitness events in over 150 schools a year across Ireland, reaching around 50,000 children. Each event is led by a top international Athlete who has represented Ireland at one of the world’s top championships or Olympic games.

The Scheme uses a fundraising initiative to raise money for sports equipment for the school. The children gain sponsorship by taking part in the fitness circuit with the Athlete.

The Event…
#1 Sports for Schools events ENGAGE children, unlike so much other physical exercise. We make it fun and exciting. The Athlete will motivate and encourage the children through a sponsored fitness circuit, including exercises such as press ups, star jumps and leg drives.
#2 Classes encourage each other to complete the circuits, cheering along to music. No one is left behind – the circuits are completed and enjoyed by each and every child, regardless of physical ability. They are learning, they are active, they are mentally and physically alert as they enjoy the exercise.
#3 After all the children have been put through their paces, they gather for an inspiring and motivational assembly with the Sports for Schools star guest. The Athlete will spend half an hour talking about their experiences in their sport, giving a display to the children and holding a Q & A session.
#4 The school gains a large percentage of all money raised for purchasing new PE Equipment and the athlete will receive financial assistance towards their future training expenses and development.
#5 Sports for Schools raises €100,000/year for new sports equipment and supports Irish international athletes.

It's as easy as 1-2-3 !

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 for you to host an event – you just need to ensure pupils are wearing their PE kits and a smile!

There’s no financial implication for your school, in fact it helps your school to raise funds,

It’s all about activities for kids, inspiring them to do sport and live a healthy life.

You and the children get to meet and talk with an inspiring sporting star – whether they are a swimmer, gymnast, athlete or team sports player, the kids will be captured by the story they have to share.

It’s fun, exciting and challenging to take part but above all it is safe to host a Sports for Schools event. Sports for schools are the largest provider of such events with 1,300+ schools and 350,000+ pupils taking part each year. Spaces are often booked up in hours!